Mental & Emotional Health

More than a meme

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Mental models

Psychedelic Santa; The dog that didn’t bark

A few things worth checking out: 12-27-2020

Nutritional Biochemistry

Should we still be worried about MSG?

I recently bought a food product that had a “no MSG” label on the front of it. This strikes me…


A few things worth checking out: 12-13-2020

COVID-19 vaccine concerns; visualizing cell signaling pathways; IQ points


Replacing sugar with allulose

Allulose is on the top of my sweetener preference list for both objective and subjective reasons.

Preventing Chronic Disease

A few things worth sharing: 11-29-2020

Novel cancer therapy 17-year roundup; AI designed to deceive

Cognitive Health & Neurodegenerative Disease

Q&A on Alzheimer’s disease drug therapy with Dr. Richard Isaacson

Check out more content with neurologist, Richard Isaacson, M.D.: (Oct 1, 2018) #18 – Richard Isaacson, M.D.: Alzheimer’s prevention (Nov…

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