Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Could a psoriasis drug find new purpose in treating alcohol use disorder?

Recent pilot research suggests that the psoriasis drug apremilast may have promise in curbing excessive drinking in those with alcohol use disorder.

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Could an antihypertensive drug have independent benefits for longevity?

A recent animal study indicates that the antihypertensive drug rilmenidine has impressive effects on lifespan, but without further evidence, this story seems like another “fountain of youth” myth.

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Therapeutic potential and cardiovascular risks of medical cannabis

A recent study highlights concerns regarding the potential cardiovascular risks associated with using medical cannabis. A cause for alarm?

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Concerning findings on melatonin content in over-the-counter supplements

A recent study reports that some sleep supplements may contain far more melatonin than the label indicates – providing another reason to be conservative in their use.

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

The potential of probiotics in promoting female health

Maintaining a healthy vaginal microbiome is key for female urogenital health, and existing evidence suggests that probiotics may be beneficial

Family Medical History & Genetics

Genetic similarities between unrelated look-alikes

With a world population of nearly 8 billion, there’s a good chance you have a doppelgänger, but might you share more than just appearances?


Can a peptide found in bee stings offer hope for treatment-resistant breast cancers?

Melittin, the main component of honeybee venom, has shown promise as a basis for chemotherapeutic drugs to combat treatment-resistant breast cancer

Nutritional Biochemistry

Sugar substitutes: deep dive into the pros, cons, available options, and impact on metabolic health

Sugar substitutes offer sweet taste with minimal calories, yet they remain controversial. How well do they solve the problems associated with traditional sugar, and where do they fall short?

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