Ketosis & fasting

Calorie restriction: Part IIA – monkey studies

Madison, Wisconsin and Baltimore, Maryland: a tale of two studies


Narrative glossary: calorie restriction

The A to Z of CR.


Live podcast with Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Investing in health.


Egg boxing

The sweet science.

Popular Emails

110 years of mortality: making progress?

Sometimes it’s useful to step back and look at the progress we’re making to see what’s possible and get some perspective.

Ketosis & fasting

Calorie restriction: Part I – an introduction

What does restricting calories have to do with longevity?

Understanding Science

Studying Studies: Part V – power and significance

Studies can be statistically powerful and significant, but practically weak and meaningless (and vice versa).

Books & Articles

Lack of context may fuel spread of unintended consequences

A recent study on diet and prostate cancer suggests we need to be more careful communicating and interpreting information.

Understanding Science

Studying Studies: Part IV – randomization and confounding

Randomization helps us in our quest to not fool ourselves. Confounding? Not so much.

Understanding Science

Is red meat killing us?

I wrote this post almost six years ago (March 21, 2012), but it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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