Cognitive Health & Neurodegenerative Disease

Non-caffeine components of coffee and their effects on neurodegenerative diseases

Coffee consumption is associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative processes, but the effect may be more than a matter of caffeine.

cancer mrna vaccine

Antitumor mRNA vaccines are cause for optimism

Moderna recently announced preliminary results of a clinical trial involving a personalized antitumor mRNA vaccine, and despite the knee-jerk uproar, the treatment may prove to be another useful weapon in the battle against cancer

Mental models

The Safety Debate Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

When it comes to safety, the distinct advantages of automatic and manual vehicles depend on who’s in the driver’s seat.

nature effects on brain
Stress & Cortisol

Understanding nature’s effects on stress requires more than intuition

A recent study investigated how nature walks impact brain regions involved in stress responses but trips on its own assumptions

peter attia outlive book
Weekly Emails

Book release date announcement

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity hits bookshelves March 28, 2023

the health effects of solitude
Weekly Emails

Does solitude equate to loneliness?

At all stages of life, we spend more time alone than ever before in history. Are we growing lonely?

medical advice
Navigating a Complex Healthcare System

When it comes to medical advice, is less always more?

To the general public, the trial-and-error process of science and medicine may erode confidence, but without it, we’d have no science and medicine at all.

reduce alzheimers risk
Cognitive Health & Neurodegenerative Disease

Can an annual flu vaccine reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease?

A recent retrospective study suggests that flu vaccines reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but the study raises as many questions as it answers.

statins and Lp(a)
Cardiovascular Disease

Reassuring new data on statin-induced Lp(a) elevation

Statin therapy is known to raise Lp(a) particle concentration in some patients, but how does this impact the overall effect of these medications on ASCVD risk?

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