It’s impossible to talk about cancer without realizing that everybody’s life has been touched by it either directly or indirectly. In the United States, half of women and one-third of men will be afflicted with cancer in their lifetime, and it still ranks as the second leading cause of all death, only a hair behind atherosclerosis.

But unlike heart disease, cancer lethality is even greater in mid-life than among seniors. In fact, for people between the ages of 45 to 65, cancer is the leading cause of death, killing more people than heart disease, liver disease, and stroke combined.

When thinking about how to prevent mortality from cancer, there are three key questions to consider: 

  1. (1) How do you prevent cancer? 
  2. (2) How do you screen for cancer to detect it early? 
  3. (3) How do you treat it when you have it?

Below is a collection of clips, podcasts, and articles discussing the latest science on cancer prevention, treatments, and the importance of cancer screening.

Cancer screening: what blood tests can (and cannot) tell you

This audio clip is from AMA #14: What lab tests can (and cannot) inform us about our overall objective of…

Peter on the importance of cancer screenings

This video clip is from AMA #25: Navigating the complexities and nuances of cancer screening, originally released on July 26,…

Peter on the importance of regular colonoscopies

This audio clip is from episode #202 – Peter on nutrition, disease prevention, sleep, and more, originally released on April…

#202 – Peter on nutrition, disease prevention, sleep, and more — looking back on the last 100 episodes

I really think that in 10 years we’re going to basically be using designer-based immunotherapies to eradicate most solid organ metastatic cancers.” —Peter Attia

Are “safe” levels of air pollution really safe?

Current evidence, and what to do about it

A broader perspective on lung cancer

Not just a “smoker’s disease”

#187 – Sam Apple: The Warburg Effect—Otto Warburg’s cancer metabolism theory

“I think [Otto Warburg’s] influence is much wider than many people realize… he ended up having a massive influence on American life. Just nobody knows about it.” —Sam Apple

#181 – Robert Gatenby, M.D.: Viewing cancer through an evolutionary lens and why this offers a radically different approach to treatment

“For a century we’ve been looking for magic bullets, but maybe all we need is a series of pretty good bullets.” —Bob Gatenby

#180 – AMA #28: All things testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy

“There were countless other studies to look at, but they all basically point in the same direction, which is testosterone replacement therapy improves lean mass, reduces fat mass, improves strength.” —Peter Attia

#178 – Lance Armstrong: The rise, fall, and growth of a cycling legend

“That guy needed to die and a new guy needed to come around.” —Lance Armstrong

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