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Fasting and cancer

The purpose of the study was to find out if fasting could protect the intestines from high-dose radiation, which could allow for higher doses of radiation treatment in killing pancreatic tumor cells.

Nutritional biochemistry

Cortisol and cross-pollination

Cortisol is a hormone I’ve been paying a lot more attention to of late.

Mental models

Conspiracy theory theories: July 20, 1969

I almost can’t believe yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of Armstrong and Aldrin touching down on the moon’s surface. What’s more unbelievable to me is that there are a number of people who entirely refuse that it ever happened.


Fast-breaking without glucose spiking

As I’m coming off of a week of fasting and heading into a week of a ketogenic diet, the timing seems right to address the question of how I break a longer-term fast and the responses that some people get.


Is there an optimal window of time-restricted feeding?

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper?

Nutritional biochemistry

European Vacation

I know I’m not alone in sensing this, as I’ve had this discussion with at least a dozen friends over the past few years. There is something fundamentally different about food in Europe, when compared to the food in North America. Yes, there are the obvious differences—in Europe the portions seem smaller, they seem to…


Metformin and exercise

If you like concrete answers and absolutes, longevity is not a fun sandbox to play in.


A hidden blockbuster drug for Alzheimer’s disease?

How, you might ask, can a company withhold information about a drug that could potentially prevent such a devastating disease?

Weekly Emails

Good docs

Forty-five minutes later, you’ve watched 10 trailers and talked yourself out of about 20 flicks and realize it’s now going to be past your bedtime if you start a movie at this point.


Mind. Blown.

You know you’re listening to almost an entirely different species of human when he tells you, “The first 20 miles felt really flowy,” unless his rear-end is planted in the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle.

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