Weekly Emails

Weekly Emails

Good docs

Forty-five minutes later, you’ve watched 10 trailers and talked yourself out of about 20 flicks and realize it’s now going to be past your bedtime if you start a movie at this point.


Mind. Blown.

You know you’re listening to almost an entirely different species of human when he tells you, “The first 20 miles felt really flowy,” unless his rear-end is planted in the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle.


The Sound of Silence

I would posit you don’t need to be a fan of Disturbed or Simon & Garfunkel (though I love both) to appreciate a remake of “Sound of Silence” released by Disturbed a few years ago. Live performance on Conan Official video A great version of the original I have a new level of appreciation for…

Mental health

Feeling entitled

When I think about healthspan—the how “well” you live part of longevity—I think of three components: cognitive, physical, and emotional. It’s this last one that is disproportionately getting my attention.


Skipping breakfast

Nota bene: I was pretty pissed off when I wrote this, but don’t let my annoyance detract from the message. Bad science is an abomination. Incompetent news reporting on bad science is worse.

Mental health

You can win

I think this shows the power that both actions and words can have on us, and also how shame can travel with us for years and color our actions until we resolve it.


Targeting aging

Given that “TOR” is literally “Target of Rapamycin,” it’s no surprise that rapamycin may increase longevity.

Mental health

David Brooks and the quest for a moral life

“Our individualistic culture inflames the ego and numbs the spirit. Failure teaches us who we are.”

Mental health


Emotional trauma can have a big impact on our lives, and it’s often insidious, showing no overt signs of pathology. Yet, overcoming it might be one of the most powerful things we can do to improve the quality of our lives.

Understanding science

My view on wearables

What gets measured gets managed?

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