April 2, 2018


Live podcast with Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Investing in health.

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I recorded a live podcast with my friend Patrick O’Shaughnessy a few weeks ago: you can listen to it here. Patrick’s podcast, which focuses primarily on investing, is fantastic. Every time I get together with Patrick it’s a great discussion. At least once in a while, we even manage to record them. I’m also doing a podcast tomorrow with Dave Asprey and will link to it as soon as it’s up. A few more in the pipeline, too. I hope I can come up with something new to talk about. I feel like a bit of a one-trick pony. Maybe some of the upcoming podcasts will focus on my views on the evolution of Formula 1, or watches, or my upcoming trip to prison with Cat Hoke, Tim Ferriss, and a few other close friends.

Hope you enjoy my discussion with Patrick. I’m not sure if it was captured by the audio, but one of the questions in the Q&A was a priceless impersonation…

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  1. Great podcast Peter, I always find hearing your perspectives valuable, be it on the Jocko podcast or elsewhere. The more podcasts the better 👍

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