February 14, 2021


Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Thoughts from a friend

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I’ve had many people close to me in recent weeks ask if they, or their parents, should get the COVID-19 vaccine. In one particular case, a friend shared that his 80-year-old father is having serious reservations about receiving the vaccine because of videos he’s seen circulating from someone named Simone Gold discussing how people should be using hydroxychloroquine instead of taking vaccines, a view that is not at all supported by peer-reviewed literature. (A few minutes on Google will tell you all you need to know about her judgment on other matters, also.)

Here is how I responded to my friend, in this particular situation. 


Dear X,

I feel for you. To be clear, I think the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of your dad getting the vaccine, rather than relying on hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic (which is not even in the top 3 choices of drugs one would consider to treat or prevent COVID at this point). 

But to be honest with you, I don’t think there is much I can say to counter such arguments as they are not based on science and reason. I appreciate that you say your dad respects my opinion, but I’m hesitant to get into a lengthy back-and-forth on this topic. Rather, I’d consider letting him know the following on my behalf. If, indeed, he does value my opinion, it might help.

  • I want my parents to get vaccinated.
  • I want my patients to get vaccinated.
  • No vaccine (or medication of any kind) is free from ALL risk, but on balance, the risk of not taking the vaccine is greater than the risk of taking it, at least for the current crop of COVID vaccines out there.
  • My wife and I volunteer weekly to give the vaccine to people in Austin, something we would not be doing if we did not 100% believe in their importance.
  • We have also both received our first shots of the vaccine and will get our second shots in due time.

I hope my feelings are unambiguous by this point, and I hope it helps.


If you want to hear more about the development of the COVID vaccines, listen to my interview with Dr. Paul Offit from last November. I hope to have him on again this year to provide an update. And if you want to do some advanced reading in preparation for a very exciting upcoming podcast, please check out The Doctor Who Fooled the World: Science, Deception, and the War on Vaccines, by my soon-to-be guest, Brian Deer. He’s the investigative journalist who first exposed the lies, misdeeds, and endless chicanery committed by Andrew Wakefield. I don’t expect this podcast will sway anyone firmly in the camp believing vaccines are evil, but it will certainly explain how we got here. 

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  1. Thank you so much for your feelings on the vaccine, I truly trust your opinion. My near 80 year old parents are just about to receive the second dose. My question is for my children- do you support the vaccine for a 16 year old girl and 11 year old boy? Will you be vaccinating your own kids? It seems as if they are equipped to handle the virus more effectively than the older population. Thank you!

  2. Peter, thank you for your contribution to the field of knowledge. I respect your efforts and have been following your work for several years. My reflection on the subject is that not only knowledge but much more so it is Wisdom that is needed.
    Wishing you well.

  3. Thanks! Been waiting a long time for your opinion on thing. Curious – which vaccine did you take?

    • I have the same question, do you think you could provide a response? And more importantly why did you lean towards the one you chose eventually. Thanks!

  4. Based on the evidentiary nature of your previous posts, this one does NOT make sense, for example you say:
    ” I think the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of your dad getting the vaccine…” — what evidence? Show me the carfax!
    “…rather than relying on hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic (which is not even in the top 3 choices of drugs one would consider to treat or prevent COVID at this point…” — OK, so HCQ, a drug that’s been on the market for decades doesn’t cut it, but an experimental vaccine does?

    All you’ve done here is to proffer feelings and wants — how about pointing X to the literature (peer reviewed and all) and let him/her make the tough decisions?

    • “I’m hesitant to get into a lengthy back-and-forth on this topic. ”

      Peter’s point was not to get into the science because there would always be a back and forth. His point was instead of ‘look at what I’m saying’ it’s ‘look at what I’m doing’ which is much more valuable.

      People can talk the talk but are they walking the walk.

    • @ Ernest A. James. When you ask your doctor for advice do you insist that he provide the history of medicine, the background for the textbooks and studies, experience that formed his education and then the complete body of studies the informed their choice of, say antibiotics to fight your infections? Of course not. You might do you homework and ask “Dr. considering x study or information, do you still feel that y?”

      Here, you are effectively saying “I already decided to believe somebody or something else than what you advice, so though you may be an expert who is immensely qualified to assess risk from valid research and who tells me differently, then you are now obligated to show every bit of data that went into your conclusion and convince me.
      In other words, you just don’t want to hear it and are applying this “show me the facts, Dr” strategy to help YOU feel that you are taking a stance based on knowledge and not emotion.

      A braver and more honest person would simply say “I just don’t like this and in spite of expert advice, I’m going to go with my gut response” In that case, you have no need to demand that somebody argue you out of your position. Just own up to it and why.

  5. I’ve been volunteering to give the vaccine to folks in Austin too, at least till the current weather postponed things…Now I’ll be on the lookout for you!

  6. My mother who is a 74-year-old pediatrician still in practice got the vaccine.

    My wife who is a 35 year old type 1 diabetic with complications is out of the country. When she comes back she should get the vaccine.

    I’m a 39-year-old with some neck and hip arthritis and do keto for mental health reasons as well as it’s easier for me to be healthy with my diet. I’m generally healthy from an immune perspective.

    It is reasonable to assume based on everything that is being said by the major authorities that more vaccines will be on the way and that this current vaccine may not be protective of all variants. In addition, it seems like not everyone has easy access to this vaccine in America. It’s not yet possible for all 300 million plus citizens to get the vaccine yet. And it looks like everyone who got the vaccine is soon going to need more than just the second booster shot.

    Finally and most paradoxically, side effects from the vaccine appear to happen more often in younger people than older people. The logic being their immune system is stronger so their immune response is stronger, although this should happen with all vaccines if that was the case I would think.

    My point is I can wait for the “better” vaccines while people like my elderly mother and diabetic wife need it more than I do. I can also wait just in case something goes wrong.

    The person who sent you the letter should try to verify that elderly people do better with the vaccine than younger people in terms of the reaction if they’re grandpa js worried. Generally healthy people in their twenties and thirties should not go to the front of the line for a vaccine that might need a second one anyways and if they get sick their risks of complications is low.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts on this. We hear so many different things from different doctors it’s so difficult to make an intelligent decision. Another doctor said the vaccine “silences” (i’m paraphrasing) M1 and M2 macrophages and prevents the body from fighting inflammation, so after you get the vaccine you are more prone to high inflammation in the body, can you give your thoughts on this? Here is a video of the doctor i’m referencing at the time where she explains how the vaccine works: https://youtu.be/GziGynAo0ek?t=652

  8. I’m not sure how to feel about this article.

    It seems to make the case for the vaccine against the advice of some crazy person on Google (Simone Gold). Any argument seems to be sound if it is compared to someone who is very very wrong. But that doesn’t mean that the argument is right.

    I’m not saying taking the vaccine is the right choice or wrong choice. In all likelihood it seems safe and will probably be just fine.

    The problem with articles like this one and most of the articles and discussions in media and online is that they never really address the true questions people have because they are afraid to offend.

    The real question here is, why is this vaccine safe when it was rushed? Most vaccines take 5-15 years according to some of the leading epidemiologists I’ve heard (I think Dr Paul Offit initially said it would take 4 years for the Covid vaccine if we were lucky) so why is this one exempt from having to go through the rigorous safety trials and procedures all the other vaccines have to?

    Why is nobody asking that question? Why is it that when people do raise that question that others immediately dismiss it and assure everyone that the vaccine is safe?

    Why not have the discussion? Isn’t that what Peter Attia is all about, and what we all like about him? What we like in everyone we listen to? The ability to talk freely and discuss to get to the truth.

    • I agree with this. Clearly some people who have concerns do follow people like Dr Wakefield but many, perhaps most of us do not. Some of us look at the FDA briefing on the Pfizer vaccine which said “risk of vaccine-enhanced disease over time, potentially associated with waning immunity, remains unknown”. This for a pathogen that has a history of such effects with past vaccine candidates. Also, the medical establishment has lost credibility over the pandemic. If people don’t trust them then they should look in the mirror, not at Dr Wakefield. Far from giving early approval, they have stalled on apparently safe and highly effective treatments which could have saved many lives, while the highly damaging lockdowns were implemented with no RCTs at all. Why was previous pandemic guidance (even for severe pandemics) torn up and demonised? Why has the definition of herd immunity been changed? Why was HCQ demonised and in many cases banned completely after high profile trials which gave abnormal doses (4-5 times normal; it’s the cumulative dose that counts because it has a half life of 22 days) to very ill people with late-stage disease, where antivirals wouldn’t be expected to work anyway?

      • I agree with you. I highly respect Peter and his commitment to researching his topics and providing evidence-based information. In this case, the data just isn’t there. As a physician, I am tired of repeated assurances of safety and efficacy but when you try to pin people down on the details, the answer is “we don’t know.” The idea of vaccine-enhanced response to future exposure to the virus as seen with SARS-Cov-1 in ferrets and mice is worrisome given that these current vaccines never went through animal trials first. We have become the guinea pigs in this massive experiment. Yes, Covid is bad, but is it so bad that we throw caution to the winds and accept any vaccine, even with such a shortened timeline for development. I still feel uneasy about this.

    • Peter! You are a thinking, breathing, feeling, thoughtful, curious human. This article by the other Peter is completely devoid of any substance, all calories, and no nutrition. Totally the opposite of what this Dr. Attia claims to be about. AND on such an important topic. The tone of dismissal, shame, and veiled disgust on any questioning of such an important topic is a major red flag to me. Kudos for your comment.

    • @ Peter: You comment “The real question here is, why is this vaccine safe when it was rushed? Most vaccines take 5-15 years according to some of the leading epidemiologists I’ve heard ”

      I suggest that this is not the real question. A helpful and addressable way to form the question you wish to pose is “Were correct established procedures followed as always in the production and testing of these vaccines or were “corners cut” to speed things along”? And further, “now that they are in the field and being administered to MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people of all kinds, are we seeing any evidence that this vaccine is less safe than others? “

  9. Dear Peter,

    You’ve built your own Ayrton Senna retaining wall, wrapped in a puzzling scotoma.

    Blind advocacy for the absurd medical/pharma industrial complex approach is a sad dereliction of duty for a health professional—to be recommending a deadly, unnecessary and simply stupid invasive medical procedure—untested and highly suspiciously rushed to market as a magic bullet for a big bad virus with a 99.8%+ recovery rate—to their family, friends, patients and followers.

    The Hippocratic oath applies by extension beyond MD’s to all in the health and medical sciences:

    “First, Do No Harm.”

    This ends my subscription to your site and all recommendations to it.

    Let true health, freedom and the divine miracle of life prevail.

    Most sincerely,
    Matthew Cross

  10. I appreciate and actively research the current and continuously evolving knowledge the whole SARS-Cov2. Among many other readings and research that I do for myself, I follow the works of Pr. Didier Raoult, of IHU Marseille. Pr. Raoult is not heard in the much larger anglo-saxon, english speaking communities and population – It’s in French. Pr. Raoult does honest works and his well documented results are speaking for themselves.
    There is no question in my mind that the big pharma – medical business has substantially corrupted the medical research and the practice of honest medical care. I am amazed that the medical community and business simply accepts to quarantine and lockdown entire population, while offering no treatment (other than stay the *&%$ home and take Advil), while waiting for the magic wand of eventual vaccines, with expedited and short-circuited clinical trials that the big pharma-medical business is making $GG with.
    I am amazed that the politicians are falling for this – hook, line & sinker.
    The witch hunt on prophylactics by the medical business and the medical research community is absolutely shameful. Remedsivir has proven to be useless and is simply dangerous, yet still endorsed fully.
    I am a professional engineer, a successful technology entrepreneur, with science, technology and business qualifications. I am not in the medical business. But I am amazed of how the medical business and professions is so corrupted. I have enough of a science background to read and extract some knowledge and conclusions of the medical and biology journals… I try to remain objective and above all humble…. the truth evolves constantly…

  11. I do not feel this newsletter was helpful in several respects that I’d like to address.
    1.) Whether you agree or disagree with Simone Gold’s stance on HCQ and other matters, using Google to be your truth is risky. Ask yourself why are so many Drs., scientists, and others that have a different view from the main stream narrative on the management of COVID being censored?? Simone Gold has been instrumental in forming the group, America’s Frontline Doctors, when you do a google search for that group its the 17th link, after mostly negative articles. When you google search Simone Gold, the Frontline Doctors link is the 35th listed, again after mostly negative articles. Why are a group of Drs. and Simone Gold herself, that have been treating COVID patients so vilified??
    2:) HCQ is a drug that has been approved by the FDA and has been used over the counter in other countries for over 60 years. There is plenty of peer reviewed research available on the use of HCQ or Chloroquine for treating SARS-CoV. The NIH published a study in 2005 concluding Chloroquine was effective against SARS-CoV whether used before or after infection. If you go to Americas Frontline Doctors.org, they have a white paper with several links to peer reviewed research and results of clinical trials supporting its effectiveness to combat SARS-CoV. Dr. Vladimir Zelanko has proven HCQ to be very effective in his patients and had paper published in Oct. 2020. Again, why is an effective treatment and other cheap therapeutics like Ivermectin, being vilified and blocked? I believe it was purposeful, so the vaccine could gain emergency use authorization since there would not be other treatment alternatives. Why was the majority of OUR TAXPAYER dollars put towards vaccines, vs. other treatment and mitigation strategies?
    3). Now to the COVID-19 injection, if you want to get it and believe its safe that is your prerogative. However, know that you are essentially the next phase of the experiment since it was authorized only under emergency use, and that Phizer, Moderna, Drs, anyone involved is absolved of all liability if anything bad happens to you. As of Feb. 4th, the VAERs system maintained by the CDC has reported 653 deaths and over 12,000 adverse reactions from the COVID-19 experimental injection. A studied funded by HHS in 2010 estimated that VAERs only collects 1% or less of the actual adverse events associated with vaccines. This injection is a entirely new technology that has been studied for only a couple months; we have no clue what this thing will do to our immune system long-term or even in 6 months. As for recommending this to an 80 yr old patient, I don’t know how you say the data supports doing that since the clinical trials by both Moderna and Phizer had such low numbers of trial participants over the age of 65-70. Norway has recommended not giving it to many of their seniors in care homes because of the number of deaths of people after receiving the injection. Lastly, the WHO, Dr. Fauci, and several other Dr.s have admitted they do not know if the injection stops transmission, the trials weren’t designed to test that. So, why are people clamoring for an injection that hasn’t been proven to stop transmission, has caused many adverse reactions and death in its short roll-out to date, and for a disease that has a 99.74% survival rate?
    4) As for the upcoming podcast guest with Brian Deer, what was/is his relationship with the vaccine manufactures and the CDC? Has he read all the studies out there about vaccines? Why does he believe Andrew Wakefield is a fraud? My wife and I have a vaccine injured child that we have been treating for the past 2+ years. This seems to be another message/podcast to shut up parents and others that have been vaccine injured and not allow any questions/discussion about the safety of vaccines. You can go to ICAN.org or childrenshealthdefense.org and find out plenty of information that is never discussed by main stream media about vaccine safety. A recent study was published in Oct. 2020 by Dr. Paul Thomas and Dr. James Lyons-Weiler from data in his pediatric practice and the evidence from his patients is that non-vaccinated children are much healthier and have lower rates of neurologic disorders than vaccinated children. Dr. Thomas practices informed consent with his patients and guess what happened to Dr. Thomas 5 days after publishing, the Oregon Medical board pulled his license. I don’t know how people see that as being right or just. In my opinion, its overt, tyrannical control by Big Pharma and the captured agencies and members of government for money and if you step out of line, you are banished just like Dr. Thomas, Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Gold and countless others. Our health freedoms and 1rst amendment rights are being squashed, when will people wake up?

  12. I have followed you for quite some time and typically agree with your articles, but I’m in the camp on this one that I will not go anywhere near this vaccine. I’ll state my points and would love to know your thoughts. 1) A vaccine is defined as preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen’s structure that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection. This “vaccine” is actually based on MRNA technology which manipulates the genes, not actually causes immunity.

    2). If it were, in fact, a vaccine, one would be able to go about life as normal. No social distancing, face masks, or lockdowns required. As per Dr. Fauci and the CDC, those practices are still recommended even after one has been vaccinated.

    3). Moderna is/was not actually a vaccine company, but a gene therapy company whose MRNA trials failed so they discontinued them. This “vaccine” has not even reached phase 3 clinical trials which are required for a vaccine to be approved. If people were forced to take this vaccine, it can be equated to a healthy person being forced to have Chemo treatments even if they didn’t have cancer. The drug companies are covering their butts with this by calling it a vaccine instead of gene therapy so they can not be held liable for any adverse redaction or death in such event.

    Would love to know how you feel on this, if you have any different information regarding this. God bless.

    • My God Emily!!!! How are people not seeing the points you make on this comment!

      And Peter Attia is a Doctor!!!

      It is not even BY DEFINITION a “vaccine”



  13. Dear Peter

    There are a number of treatments for the COVID-19 disease ( https://www.jpands.org/vol25no3/merritt.pdf ). How many treatments are there for the wide range if vaccine injuries being reported:

    I suggest a read of this detailed and full referenced report and decide if your recommendations are actually based on science: https://www.giantpygmy.net/gp/index.php?id=blog&post=state-of-emergency-rt-pcr-the-pandemic-machine

    Unfortunately, we’re beginning to see disturbing evidence of serious adverse events: transverse myelitis (AZ), multiple sclerosis (AZ), Bell’s palsy (Pf, Mo) were all evident in the early trials and during the mass roll-out phase of the ongoing trials we’ve seen Acute Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP), neurological disorders like akenesia and dystonia, cardiovascular complications and death (in the healthy as well as the frail and old). […] The pharmaceutical companies are currently treating any and all such side effects as coincidences. The statistical evidence that these experimental “vaccines” cause “coincidences” is mounting (and perhaps this disease called “coincidence” should be listed as a potential side effect on the COVID vaccine inserts). […] If these truly are coincidences, it would appear that they’re coincidences of the expected kind.

    As you’ll see if you read the report above, the real question is NOT “should I get the COVID-19 vaccine?”, it’s “is it a ‘vaccine’ at all (even the WHO state it doesn’t provide immunity or transmission rather it dampens mild to moderate disease outcomes) and should I enroll in a phase 3 trial for an unlicensed EUA novel and experimental medical product?” Remember the trial dates end in Jan / Feb 2023.

    Post vaccination, UK deaths in the elderly (the broadly vaccinated population) have tripled, and the UK Medical Freedom Alliance recently wrote to the UK government asking them to address this very issue. The following contains a great deal of data that show quite damning stats post-vaccine roll-out vs countries that have postponed roll-out: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5fa5866942937a4d73918723/601ffc3e56a64132caa3f42f_Open_Letter_from_the_UKMFA_Vaccine_Deaths_Care%20Homes.pdf

    I like, respect and appreciate much of the information you provide, but I have to say this is an area where a little more expertise may be warranted before advocating for the efficacy of a product that may backfire on its promoters.


      • The thing that gets me is how so many fail to understand the ramifications of the RT-PCR issue. Even if you were 100% on board with the mRNA “vaccines”, the fact of the matter is that all the numbers/outcomes from the trials were based on the Corman-Drosten RT-PCR which was described in the Corman-Drosten Review (https://cormandrostenreview.com/report/) as follows:

        “In light of our re-examination of the test protocol to identify SARS-CoV-2 described in the Corman-Drosten paper we have identified concerning errors and inherent fallacies which render the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test useless”.

        Which in essence means that all the claims from the trials (which are based on PCR determinations of who got infected etc …) are equally useless / meaningless (never mind the entire basis for lock-downs, mask mandates, travel bans, quarantines etc …).

        So, all we’re left with is an experimental medical product whose emergency use authorisation depended on there being no readily available effective treatments. Which is presumably why the UK Oxford / RECOVERY trial used arguably lethal doses of HCQ (2400mg) in late stage COVID-19 patients as a designed-to-fail exercise; making sure the road was clear for the emergency use “vaccine” roll-out (IIRC over 1000 people died in that trial). Professor Raoult described the high mortality rates in the Oxford led clinical trials as “appalling” ( see: https://covexit.com/recovery-covid-19-research-blasted-for-toxic-dosage-towards-oxfordgate/ ).

        To quote from the PCR piece (https://www.giantpygmy.net/gp/index.php?id=blog&post=state-of-emergency-rt-pcr-the-pandemic-machine):

        “Here we’re going to look at data for England & Wales and see if we can find an emergency”.

        That’s really the issue here, when you look at the absolute all-cause mortality data and by-pass the COVID-19 death certification process, it’s not so easy to see the emergency; so without an emergency what’s the deal with “emergency use” products?

        ps. apologies for the horrible typos in my initial comment (no editing!).

  14. This is great, Peter. Thankyou. I like that you’ve rank choiced prophylactics. This is so much better than x drug good y drug bad. Would love to hear more like this, which, I’m sure, would feature your usual deep thoughts on each option. Seems to be an eternity more than anyone else is offering.

  15. For someone who can wax poetic about the m-TOR pathway for 3 hours straight, the lack of any substance in this article is a major, blinking, flashing, throbbing red flag. Haughty dismissiveness does not equal correlation or causation, although that is indeed part and parcel of the inner mechanisms of the high church of “Science”. Caveat Emptor when it comes to this never before used on humans gene therapy.

    • Yes, I am very disappointed. This piece is just a huge appeal to authority. So I guess anyone wondering if she/he needs the vaccine is just too stupid/far gone to be worth the scientific arguments.

      I came here looking for arguments for why as a very healthy young person I need to be vaccinated. Well, picture me not convinced…

  16. It was disturbing to read this post by Peter (whose podcasts I often really enjoy) after seeing so many startling cases of adverse events that have made it into the news (let alone the avalanche of cases on social media), and knowing that that no long term studies exist on mRNA vaccines.

    All too often, it seems, highly intelligent people become rigid and defensive around issues involving authority and religiously embrace the idea that vaccines are inherently sacred life-savers that cannot be questioned or challenged. These advocates cannot be reasoned with. Sometimes there is a personal event in their past that created a solid cap over the whole issue, sealing them into a rigid posture. But sometimes it seems to simply be orthodoxy.

    Peter was incredibly skeptical about any role at all for Vitamin D in COVID responses, yet in contrast, he has zero skepticism for a vaccine with no long-term studies and high rates of adverse events. So, it’s not about science, here, but something else. What is it about? I notice this too in how some people swoon over the idea of masking up hundreds of millions of people as a virtuous and necessary act to save lives – even if it only saves a single life – however when that life was a teen suicide following the lockdowns, the same people have no such interest in lifting a finger to question or actively stop the lockdowns.

    This is the age we are living in.

    What was so nice for me to read here in these comments was the sanity and defiance displayed here by so many good listeners who won’t stay silent. I feel inspired to see each one of them. We are all being relegated to our separate silo’s of knowledge, as our news media disappears into propaganda and even scientific journals have been forced to engage major retractions of studies that tried to defeat the early treatments.

    We want real science, not religious authoritarian hammers to shut us all up. Those defending vaccines believe the world will end if we question them (exempting pharmaceuticals from basic liability is the necessary evil in exchange for their cooperation), while we who question them see the current climate of absolutism around vaccines to have the potential to lead us to a precarious future of dozens of mandatory school-age vaccines becoming the norm that will ultimately control everything we do, whether we can travel, work, shop, socialize, etc. It sounds like science fiction, but then, so does gain-of-function virus research jumping from the US to China, leading to birthing a pandemic that dovetails perfectly with a Great Reset concept being advocated by the billionaires and Elites.

    We can’t stop challenging, or we are no longer in the realm of science. I hope Peter will reconsider his position. Perhaps if he administers enough doses – like so many other healthcare workers who have become vaccine hesitant – the process will happen naturally when he begins to see the outcome himself. I would love to be totally wrong on this and perhaps I am. But sadly, we won’t know for years.

  17. Thank you Peter for all you do to inform the public. It is very kind for you and your wife to volunteer in Austin. You are doing a great service to your community.

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