Accidents – driving

The Safety Debate Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions

When it comes to safety, the distinct advantages of automatic and manual vehicles depend on who’s in the driver’s seat.

The Epidemic on the Road

Motor vehicle accidents are a common yet often overlooked cause of death – and the numbers are rising.

The killer(s) on the road: reducing your risk of automotive death

How, where, and why do most people die behind the wheel of an automobile? Is there anything we can do to prevent deaths on the road?

Making sense of tragedy

As soon as this week’s podcast with Ryan Holiday went up people began contacting me to say how timely it was, if not outright eerie, given it was recorded a few months earlier. Only the day before it was released, we learned about the tragic helicopter crash that claimed the life of Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, along with seven other people.

Driving while distracted

Whether you drive an automatic or manual, here’s a game of driving that I like to play in order to stay hypervigilant, and I encourage you to play it: Imagine that someone on the road is trying to kill you today.

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