#307 ‒ Exercise for aging people: where to begin, and how to minimize risk while maximizing potential | Peter Attia, M.D.

The name of the game is play the game and stay in the game forever. And so we are really looking to minimize injury here and we’re looking to minimize burnout.” —Peter Attia

#306 – AMA #60: preventing cognitive decline, nutrition myths, lowering blood glucose, apoB, and blood pressure, and more

Metabolic health, first and foremost, is the goal of nutrition.” —Peter Attia

#305 ‒ Heart rate variability: how to measure, interpret, and utilize HRV for training and health optimization | Joel Jamieson

The older you get… you have to be much more acutely aware of what your body can and can’t do. And that’s part of what HRV can help you understand.” —Joel Jamieson

#301 – AMA #59: Inflammation: its impact on aging and disease risk, and how to identify, prevent, and reduce it

Inflammation really becomes chronic once it’s persisted for several months, but it can persist for much longer than that.” —Peter Attia

With exercise, results matter more than “time served”

How much time should a person spend exercising? However long it takes to see meaningful improvements in VO max and strength

#299 ‒ Optimizing muscle protein synthesis: the crucial impact of protein quality and quantity, and the key role of resistance training | Luc van Loon, Ph.D.

“It’s the exercise that makes you respond way more to the same or less amount of protein that you ingest.” —Luc van Loon

#294 ‒ Peak athletic performance: How to measure it and how to train for it from the coach of the most elite athletes on earth | Olav Aleksander Bu

Olav Aleksander Bu is an internationally renowned sports scientist acclaimed for his coaching prowess with elite athletes spanning a diverse…

#293 – AMA #57: High-intensity interval training: benefits, risks, protocols, and impact on longevity

You want to broaden your portfolio of training.” —Peter Attia

#292 ‒ Rucking: benefits, gear, FAQs, and the journey from Special Forces to founding GORUCK | Jason McCarthy

There’s so much benefit that comes from your ability to move yourself and to carry weight, and you are built and born and have evolved in order to do this.” —Jason McCarthy

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