Mental health – addiction

The dangers of “healthy” addictions

Though exercise has virtually unlimited health benefits, addiction to exercise can be a danger to mental and physical well-being. But what distinguishes exercise addiction from healthy engagement in physical activity?

#225 ‒ The comfort crisis, doing hard things, rucking, and more | Michael Easter, MA

Dancing on the edge of failure, you can realize that it’s not that big of a deal.” —Michael Easter

#220 ‒ Ketamine: Benefits, risks, and promising therapeutic potential | Celia Morgan, Ph.D.

You could time your psychological therapy when your brain is most plastic, most able to learn new things.” —Celia Morgan

#219 ‒ Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): skills for overcoming depression, emotional dysregulation, and more | Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D., ABPP

I honestly believe that anybody could benefit from learning DBT skills.” —Shireen Rizvi

Why Peter meditates and advice for new meditators

This audio clip is from episode #72 with Dan Harris, originally published on September 23, 2019.

#190 – Paul Conti, M.D.: How to heal from trauma and break the cycle of shame

“Trauma changes the instrument that we use to understand our trauma. It’s changing our brain.” —Paul Conti

#186 – Patrick Radden Keefe: The opioid crisis—origin, guilty parties, and the difficult path forward

“Today the opioid crisis is a heroin and fentanyl crisis… absent Oxycontin, we might not be where we are today.” —Patrick Radden Keefe

#182 – David Nutt: Psychedelics & Recreational Drugs

“It turns out that the drugs that have been most vilified and which we’ve been taught are the most dangerous, turned out to be the least dangerous.” —David Nutt

Alternative perspectives on drug use and addiction

Considerations for drug use and treatment

#161 – AMA #23: All Things Nicotine: deep dive into its cognitive and physical benefits, risks, and mechanisms of action

“It’s so fascinating to me frankly that one molecule found in nature can be so potent. It’s hard to imagine you could engineer a drug to do this.” —Peter Attia

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