#50 – AMA #5: calcium scores, centenarian olympics, exercise, muscle glycogen, keto, and more

“We’re really talking a completely new model, which is actually forcing your way to become a centenarian rather than just sort of gliding your way into it and therefore, I think it’s going to require much more deliberate attention around what your mind and body are doing at that point and time.” — Peter Attia

Understanding science

Reading, resveratrol, and coffee

On a lighter note (although likely a more contentious topic than the aforementioned Nature paper), I provided my current morning coffee ritual on Instagram

Nutritional biochemistry

Salmon recipe (and mTOR)

By popular demand, I’m sharing my Dad’s salmon recipe

Nutritional biochemistry

How do you make that ice cream you keep talking about?

By popular demand: The Peter Attia Ice Cream.

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