Understanding science

Does walking 10 minutes per day extend your life? (Hint: No.)

Either I completely dozed for the past ten years, or the author of a recent news article pulled data from some farcical study. Let’s take a closer look. 

Is cold exposure beneficial for metabolic health?

A look at whether activating brown fat through cold exposure therapy offers metabolic benefits.

Can a father’s metformin cause birth defects in his sons?

Several studies have examined the effects of both maternal diabetes and maternal metformin exposure on offspring, but prospective fathers have received comparatively little attention. A recent study sought to change that.

Why is maintaining weight loss more challenging than losing weight?

This video clip is taken from Podcast #197 — The science of obesity & how to improve nutritional epidemiology with David…

#197 – The science of obesity & how to improve nutritional epidemiology | David Allison, Ph.D.

How much does obesity kill you because it stigmatizes you and it creates some stress?”  —David Allison

Nutritional epidemiology: abolition vs defending the status quo

A recent review argues for reform in the field of nutritional epidemiology — and recommends ways to improve it

Is lab-grown meat the ‘meat of the future’?

Lab-grown meat faces scrutiny

What a dead salmon can teach us about how we use machines

With new tools come new dangers for misuse and misinterpretation of results. As technology opens new doors, we must constantly evaluate its limitations, even as we look to expand its applications.

Ketogenic Diets: Not For Everyone?

Elevated blood lipids on a high fat, low carb diet 

Does Exercise Affect Lifespan?

How knowing the answer in advance can undermine science.

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