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Mental health

The Joe Rogan Experience and exploring forgiveness

Why, exactly, is Tom Morello swimming to Catalina??

Mental models

Are you living for your résumé or your eulogy?

The thesis of the book is, basically, that we have seen a shift in human nature from what Brooks calls the Adam II self (humble, inward-looking, “eulogy” self) to the Adam I self (ambitious, external, “resume” self).


Down the rabbit hole

I found this story very interesting and for some reason could not stop reading it.

Understanding science

Studying studies … and Steve Largent

I can take you to the water’s edge, but…


Remembering Ramanujan, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and a new podcast

And, speaking of boxing, and Easter, I filmed a brief primer on one of the most underappreciated sports of all time, egg boxing.


110 years of mortality: making progress?

Sometimes it’s useful to step back and look at the progress we’re making to see what’s possible and get some perspective.


Calorie restriction?

In case you missed it, there’s a new series on calorie restriction (CR) up on the site.

Weekly Emails

Sunday drive

He was an artist, musician, and athlete rolled into one.


The importance of metabolic syndrome and the man behind it

This condition we now all take for granted was barely understood just 30 years ago.

Mental health

This is water

It took many events in my life, and many years, for this to finally sink in.

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