Weekly emails

Weekly Emails

Protecting against hearing loss

Considerations to protect the ability to hear across a lifespan

Weekly Emails

Three years behind the podcast mic

Asking for your feedback


Brain implants and identity; recovering a fallen Marine’s Purple Heart

A few things worth checking out: 06-27-2021

Nutritional biochemistry

Are continuous glucose monitors a waste of time for people without diabetes?

Some experts suggest CGMs are useless for nondiabetics. I disagree.

Weekly Emails

D-Day: June 6, 1944

Commemorating a pivotal day of World War II

Mental health


MDMA-assisted therapy gets one step closer to its projected 2023 FDA approval

Mental health

Psilocybin for depression?

The psychedelic drug goes head-to-head with Lexapro in a recent trial

Understanding science

How teeth sense cold; the efficacy of digital advertising

A few things worth checking out: 05-16-2021


Does NMN improve metabolic health in humans?

Thoughts on the first efficacy trial recently published

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