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I filmed a brief primer on one of the most underappreciated sports of all time, egg boxing. No April Fool’s. Like the Earl of Sandwich, I have been referred to the Earl of Egg Boxing on occasion, which is one of my crowning achievements. I can’t take the credit, though. The glory goes to those little oval competitors putting their shells on the line for that championship belt. RIP, my Ramanujan.

Introduction to Egg Boxing | Peter Attia, MD

Posted by Egg Boxing on Sunday, September 10, 2017

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  1. Did you make sure to do an autopsy on Ramanujan? Maybe we was suffering from CTE from his lifelong clashes with other eggs.

  2. I will start to egg box immediately as I eat 3-4 fried eggs for breakfast daily and have for 20 years+. In addition, I eat 3 or more hard cooked eggs and the dogs gets theirs. I use an Instant Pot pressure cooker for 6 minutes. Why haul out a pressure cooker for eggs? Because they literally jump out of their shells and the yolks are perfect. If eggs killed, I’d be dead by now and I have just a trace of coronary artery Ca++.

  3. Perhaps you should not rinse the latest winner before returning him/her to the box. There may be valuable subtances in the film that coats the shell . . . . hmmm, perhaps an RCT to test that hypothesis . . .

  4. I wonder how Ramanujan would of contended verses a different species of egg (roughly the same size) or eggs raised in a different environment (cage free, farm raised for example). I had home raised duck eggs for awhile and they were near impenetrable.

  5. Does it enter into your mind that given the linear progression of victory, every victor since Ramanujan is theoretically superior to Ramanujan? It entered mine and I have not slept since.

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