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#302 – Confronting a metabolic epidemic: understanding liver health and how to prevent, diagnose, and manage MAFLD and liver disease | Julia Wattacheril, M.D., M.P.H.

The average person you’re seeing with MASLD is much more at risk for cardiovascular-related outcomes and malignancy-related outcomes from their metabolic health than they are for liver-related risks.” —Julia Wattacheril

#301 – AMA #59: Inflammation: its impact on aging and disease risk, and how to identify, prevent, and reduce it

Inflammation really becomes chronic once it’s persisted for several months, but it can persist for much longer than that.” —Peter Attia

#300 – Special episode: Peter on exercise, fasting, nutrition, stem cells, geroprotective drugs, and more — promising interventions or just noise?

The probability that having a high VO2 max, high muscle mass, and high muscle strength are going to increase the length of your life and improve the quality of your life. . .is so high that to act in disregard of that is irresponsible.” —Peter Attia

Special episode with Dax Shepard: F1 and the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s death

Senna lived 10 lives in his 34 years. And not only that, he’s one of the few people who still matters in his death.” —Peter Attia

#299 ‒ Optimizing muscle protein synthesis: the crucial impact of protein quality and quantity, and the key role of resistance training | Luc van Loon, Ph.D.

“It’s the exercise that makes you respond way more to the same or less amount of protein that you ingest.” —Luc van Loon

#298 ‒ The impact of emotional health on longevity, self-audit strategies, improving well-being, and more | Paul Conti, M.D.

If we inquire, if we become curious about ourselves, we learn so much more about what is going on inside of us and it can guide us towards change.” —Paul Conti

#297 – AMA #58: Iron: its role in health, testing methods, and strategies for preventing and managing iron deficiency

“I’ve seen a lot of cases of iron deficiency. I’ve seen a lot of cases of iron deficiency anemia. I can’t tell you I’ve seen one that isn’t attributable to some combination of … low iron in the diet, poor absorption, or blood loss.” —Peter Attia

#295 ‒ Roadway death and injury: why everyone should care and what you can do to reduce risk | Mark Rosekind, Ph.D.

We’re all in vehicles moving around, and yet we have come to accept the carnage in ways that should just be unacceptable in our society.” —Mark Rosekind

#294 ‒ Peak athletic performance: How to measure it and how to train for it from the coach of the most elite athletes on earth | Olav Aleksander Bu

Olav Aleksander Bu is an internationally renowned sports scientist acclaimed for his coaching prowess with elite athletes spanning a diverse…

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