Mental & Emotional Health

As many of you have heard me discuss, longevity is a balance of lifespan (living longer) and healthspan (living better). I want to take a moment to focus specifically on one of the key elements of living better: emotional health.

While this is a bit of a nebulous concept, to me it encompasses happiness, emotional resilience and distress tolerance, mindfulness, stillness, and fulfillment, among others. It touches on our sense of individual purpose, as well as our ability to engage in meaningful and supportive relationships with those we love.

Below is a collection of past articles and podcasts discussing the topic of mental and emotional health. My hope is this past content can serve as helpful resources to dive deeper into this topic.

Insulin Resistance

Peter Attia on the connection between stress and insulin resistance

This clip is from “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode #17, originally released on November 9, 2020. If you’re a member, you…

#298 ‒ The impact of emotional health on longevity, self-audit strategies, improving well-being, and more | Paul Conti, M.D.

If we inquire, if we become curious about ourselves, we learn so much more about what is going on inside of us and it can guide us towards change.” —Paul Conti

#288 ‒ The impact of gratitude, serving others, embracing mortality, and living intentionally | Walter Green

We are not self-made, everybody really knows that. The question is, are we going to acknowledge those people that help make us while they’re here?” —Walter Green

#286 ‒ Journal club with Andrew Huberman: the impact of light exposure on mental health and an immunotherapy breakthrough for cancer treatment

People spend 90% of their time indoors now. Their daytime environments are too dim, their nighttime environments are too bright.” —Andrew Huberman

#280 ‒ Cultivating happiness, emotional self-management, and more | Arthur Brooks Ph.D.

Happiness is not a feeling. Feelings are evidence of happiness.” —Arthur Brooks

#265 – Time, productivity, and purpose: insights from Four Thousand Weeks | Oliver Burkeman

Part of living a meaningful life is to be conscious of that fact that we don’t get all the time we would wish to have.” —Oliver Burkeman

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy: A Promising Approach for Treating Depression and Anxiety?

A recent study investigated the safety and effectiveness of at-home ketamine-assisted therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

#254 – AMA #47: Cold therapy: pros, cons, and its impact on longevity

If we’re talking about [activating brown adipose tissue] as a solution for overweight or obesity in adults, it’s not a needle mover.” —Peter Attia

Finding the right fit in a psychotherapist

When it comes to therapy, the quality of the patient-therapist relationship is critical to success.

How much control can we really have in studies on animals?

A 40-year-old study shows that animals’ emotional states can impact physiology, a reminder that they are more complex and individual than we often give them credit for.

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