Science of Aging

“Biological” clocks: a peek into the future or a haphazard guess of mortality?

Potential uses for the epigenetics of aging and why I don’t put much stock in epigenetics-based aging clocks at present

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Do GLP-1 receptor agonists improve cardiovascular health independently of weight loss?

A new trial has reported that the GLP-1 receptor agonist semaglutide reduces risk of cardiovascular events in patients with obesity – but that’s not the question we ought to be asking.

Preventing Chronic Disease

How does APOE status impact the relationship between obesity and dementia risk?

Obesity has been reported by some to increase risk of dementia, while other studies have reported that obesity is protective against dementia. Might the effects of APOE genotype help to explain the discrepancy?

Preventing Chronic Disease

Is the frequency of menopausal symptoms an early barometer for later-in-life brain health?

More than “bothersome”: Frequent menopausal hot flashes during sleep are associated with greater white matter hyperintensity volume

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Could a psoriasis drug find new purpose in treating alcohol use disorder?

Recent pilot research suggests that the psoriasis drug apremilast may have promise in curbing excessive drinking in those with alcohol use disorder.

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Could an antihypertensive drug have independent benefits for longevity?

A recent animal study indicates that the antihypertensive drug rilmenidine has impressive effects on lifespan, but without further evidence, this story seems like another “fountain of youth” myth.

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Therapeutic potential and cardiovascular risks of medical cannabis

A recent study highlights concerns regarding the potential cardiovascular risks associated with using medical cannabis. A cause for alarm?

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