Nutritional biochemistry

Do I really need 8 glasses of water a day?

Questioning the 8 x 8 rule

Mental models

Britain’s COVID-19 vaccine gamble; The upside of quitting

A few things worth checking out: 01-10-2021

Mental health

More than a meme

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Mental models

Psychedelic Santa; The dog that didn’t bark

A few things worth checking out: 12-27-2020

Nutritional biochemistry

Should we still be worried about MSG?

I recently bought a food product that had a “no MSG” label on the front of it. This strikes me…


A few things worth checking out: 12-13-2020

COVID-19 vaccine concerns; visualizing cell signaling pathways; IQ points

Nutritional biochemistry

Replacing sugar with allulose

Allulose is on the top of my sweetener preference list for both objective and subjective reasons.


A few things worth sharing: 11-29-2020

Novel cancer therapy 17-year roundup; AI designed to deceive


Q&A on Alzheimer’s disease drug therapy with Dr. Richard Isaacson

The topic of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)  is perpetually on my radar. For many of us, it’s the chronic disease we…


Masking emotion in the age of COVID-19

Widespread mask wearing in public has become routine, and, in many places, mandated across the US and around the world. While…

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