Understanding science

When it comes to health, appearances can be deceiving: a lesson from egg boxing

A listener finds an educational use for one of my favorite sports


Can ovarian cancer be detected by genetic analysis of cervical cancer screening samples?

A proof-of-concept method for adding ovarian cancer screening to existing protocols

Body Composition

Body composition: impact on disease risk and how to assess and improve it

A refresher on why you should care about body composition and a practical guide to determining and interpreting your measurements

Exercise & Physical Health

With exercise, results matter more than “time served”

How much time should a person spend exercising? However long it takes to see meaningful improvements in VO max and strength


Does the timing of sleep loss during the night impact subsequent negative metabolic effects?

A recent study claims that late-night sleep loss is more damaging than early-night sleep loss, but the data leave ample room for doubt

Nutritional Biochemistry

Silencing the alarm over a recent paper on dietary protein and atherosclerosis

A recent report that high protein intake contributes to atherosclerosis has limited relevance to anyone but transgenic mice

Understanding science

Research Worth Sharing, March 2024 Edition

Organ-specific aging, a blood-based test for brain tumors, avoiding bananas in smoothies, stair-climbing tests for frailty, and omega-3 intake and CVD

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