Understanding science

Oldies-But-Goodies, May 2024 Edition

A collection of past newsletters on topics including continuous glucose monitors, fish oil, nutritional epidemiology, fostering meaningful friendships, and traffic safety

Understanding science

When it comes to health, appearances can be deceiving: a lesson from egg boxing

A listener finds an educational use for one of my favorite sports


Can ovarian cancer be detected by genetic analysis of cervical cancer screening samples?

A proof-of-concept method for adding ovarian cancer screening to existing protocols

Body Composition

Body composition: impact on disease risk and how to assess and improve it

A refresher on why you should care about body composition and a practical guide to determining and interpreting your measurements

Exercise & Physical Health

With exercise, results matter more than “time served”

How much time should a person spend exercising? However long it takes to see meaningful improvements in VO max and strength


Does the timing of sleep loss during the night impact subsequent negative metabolic effects?

A recent study claims that late-night sleep loss is more damaging than early-night sleep loss, but the data leave ample room for doubt

Nutritional Biochemistry

Silencing the alarm over a recent paper on dietary protein and atherosclerosis

A recent report that high protein intake contributes to atherosclerosis has limited relevance to anyone but transgenic mice

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