Preventing Chronic Disease

“The cholesterol paradox”: a catchy phrase for an idea with no substance

A recent study reported that hypercholesterolemia is associated with reduced mortality, but it falls short of upsetting conventional wisdom

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Clearing the air on hormone replacement therapy

My recent podcast with Dr. JoAnn Manson evidently raised as many questions about HRT as it answered, so let’s take a closer look at the evidence for risks and benefits.

Nutritional Biochemistry

Don’t drink and science: why a study on the cognitive effects of wine and cheese is sheer stupidity

A study claiming that daily consumption of cheese and wine may improve long-term cognition seems more like a bad joke than reliable science.

Exercise & Physical Health

Supramaximal exercise transiently raises serum uric acid

Why exercise-related acute fluctuations in this biomarker shouldn’t be a cause for distress

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

Is a recent clinical trial enough to support the use of semaglutide in treating adolescent obesity?

The imperative for effective weight management strategies in children and teens is clear, but in our desperation for effective obesity treatments, are we allowing ourselves to be too shortsighted on testing?

Medications, Supplements & Other Treatments

A new analysis of REDUCE-IT: benefits of omega-3s vs. harm from placebos

A secondary analysis of biomarker data from REDUCE-IT raises questions about the apparent benefits of EPA-derivative icosapent ethyl

Family Medical History & Genetics

Twenty Years of the Human Genome: Growing Older and Wiser

In the 20 years since the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, we’ve dramatically expanded our understanding of the impact of genetics on human health, but the work is far from finished.

Preventing Chronic Disease

Putting out the fire on the gas stove debate

A study published this winter raised concerns over gas stoves and childhood asthma, but we have many options for eliminating the excess risk.

Exercise & Physical Health

Can a new drug mimic the effects of exercise on bone and muscle?

Researchers have recently discovered that a new drug called locamidazole may help to prevent loss of bone density and muscle mass during periods of inactivity, but it’s no substitute for all of the benefits of exercise.

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