Premium Articles

These articles are produced by Peter and our dedicated team of research analysts, and cover a wide range of longevity-related topics in much greater detail than those we send in our free weekly newsletter. Peter and our research team work hard to make these articles topical, exhaustive, interesting, and, whenever possible, actionable.

Do high protein diets increase cancer risk?

Is there any merit to the idea that consuming more protein increases one’s risk of developing or dying from cancer?

Body composition: impact on disease risk and how to assess and improve it

A refresher on why you should care about body composition and a practical guide to determining and interpreting your measurements

Optimizing protein quantity, distribution, and quality

Maximizing muscle protein synthesis is more than a matter of daily protein intake. How we distribute protein throughout the day matters, as does protein quality.

Saunas: the facts, the myths, and the how-to

Sauna use appears to be genuinely beneficial, but not all claims stand up to scrutiny

Is low-to-moderate alcohol consumption beneficial for longevity?

There is a common belief that low-to-moderate consumption of alcohol has unique health benefits. What does the evidence show?

“Biological” clocks: a peek into the future or a haphazard guess of mortality?

Potential uses for the epigenetics of aging and why I don’t put much stock in epigenetics-based aging clocks at present

Statins: effectiveness, safety, and common myths on their role in ASCVD prevention

A review of the evidence for statins in combating heart disease

Sugar substitutes: deep dive into the pros, cons, available options, and impact on metabolic health

Sugar substitutes offer sweet taste with minimal calories, yet they remain controversial. How well do they solve the problems associated with traditional sugar, and where do they fall short?

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