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The Qualys is a subscriber-exclusive podcast, released Tuesday through Friday, and published exclusively on our private, subscriber-only podcast feed. Qualys is short-hand for “qualifying round,” which are typically the fastest laps driven in a race car—done before the race to determine starting position on the grid for race day. The Qualys are short (i.e., “fast”), typically less than ten minutes, and highlight the best questions, topics, and tactics discussed on The Drive.

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A short intro from Peter about The Qualys

Featured Qualys


How Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed

#18 – Richard Isaacson, M.D.: Alzheimer’s prevention


My thoughts on alcohol consumption and health

#04 – AMA #1: alcohol, best lab tests, wearables, finding the right doc, racing, and more


The 5 habits Tim Ferriss returns to most reliably

#01 – Tim Ferriss: depression, psychedelics, and emotional resilience


The difference between glucose and fructose

#14 – Robert Lustig, M.D., M.S.L.: fructose, processed food, NAFLD, and changing the food system

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