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Popular Emails

Skipping breakfast

Nota bene: I was pretty pissed off when I wrote this, but don’t let my annoyance detract from the message. Bad science is an abomination. Incompetent news reporting on bad science is worse.

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Living with Alzheimer’s

North is to south what the clock is to time
There’s east and there’s west and there’s everywhere life
I know I was born and I know that I’ll die
The in between is mine
I am mine

– Pearl Jam

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How to make better decisions

Ironically, this might be my confirmation bias talking, but in my interview with Sid Mukherjee, he referred to Bayesian logic as perhaps one of the great neglected ideas in medicine, and in the world in general.

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Red meat, cancer, push-ups, and CVD

Groundhog Day (GD) came and went last month — and sure enough — 2019 has already brought a bounty of emails and Tweets from concerned folks wondering if red meat is going to kill them (again).

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Peter Attia

Dr. Peter Attia, is a Stanford/Johns Hopkins/NIH-trained physician focusing on the applied science of longevity. His approach focuses on increasing lifespan (delaying the onset of chronic disease), while simultaneously improving healthspan (quality of life).

Not lame!

Peter happens to be one of the most interesting people I’ve ever heard. Since listening to him on Joe Rogan podcast, and subscribing to his newsletter, I’ve never once been disappointed or bored with his Content. I look forward to this podcast to being just like everything else he does, precise, informative, and most of all not lame.
Chaideezyvia Apple Podcasts

Smart and humble

Being a medical provider myself, I like that his blog is research driven, always backing up is knowledge with facts. Very Smart, leads active lifestyle, seeks longevity medicine, biohacker, and simply a “cool” person.
lesmithpacvia Apple Podcasts
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