Science of Aging

Learn more about the biology of aging, centenarians, rapamycin, mTOR, ‘anti-aging’ drugs, interventions that target the aging process, and more.

#248 ‒ OUTLIVE book: A behind-the-scenes look into the writing of this book, motivation, main themes, and more

You can’t solve or even attempt to solve complicated problems if you aren’t asking the right questions and you don’t have the right frameworks.” —Peter Attia

A recent metformin study casts doubts on longevity indications

A new retrospective study contradicts previous evidence of metformin’s potential effects on lifespan extension in a general population, but for real answers, randomized trials are needed.

#244 ‒ The history of the cell, cell therapy, gene therapy, and more | Siddhartha Mukherjee

“I liken the human genome to a score of music, but a score is lifeless. There’s no music in a score, it’s just a code. You need a musician to bring it to life, and the cell is that musician.” —Sid Mukherjee

medical advice

When it comes to medical advice, is less always more?

To the general public, the trial-and-error process of science and medicine may erode confidence, but without it, we’d have no science and medicine at all.

#231 – AMA #41: Medicine 3.0, developments in the field of aging, healthy habits in times of stress, and more

“We have reached the limits of medicine 2.0 capacity, and if longevity is something we are aspiring for, we need a new strategy.” —Peter Attia

blood transfusions in humans

Modern Vampirism: “Young Blood” Transfusions

Blood from young mice has rejuvenating effects on old mice, but it’s too early to translate these results into treatments for humans.

Muscle Mass and Cognitive Function

A recent narrative review hypothesizes a key role for myokine disruption caused by physical inactivity.

#222 ‒ How nutrition impacts longevity | Matt Kaeberlein, Ph.D.

It’s really important that we be willing to change our beliefs about nutrition and other aspects of health as more data comes in.” —Matt Kaeberlein

#214 – AMA #37: Bone health—everything you need to know

The bones are mechanical sensory entities that are going to remodel in proportion to how much mechanical stress they’re under…so lifting heavy stuff matters.” —Peter Attia

Why sleep is the best insurance policy for lifespan and healthspan

This video clip is from episode #58 – AMA with sleep expert, Matthew Walker, Ph.D.: Strategies for sleeping more, sleeping…

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