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I’m the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of the fasting app Zero (you can see a full list of my disclosures here). I joined the team with the hope that we could put the power of fasting into the hands of many. I had long-used fasting as a beneficial tool for patients in my medical practice, but I lacked a platform to organize insights for a sustainable and scalable approach. I searched for such a tool—one that provides focus on accountability and information-sharing—but nothing that fit my vision had yet existed. So, I co-founded Zero for those that strive for better health through fasting. (If you want to learn more on why I think fasting is important, we’ve released a variety of podcasts and articles on this topic.)

Zero Plus

Various screens from the Zero app

In May 2020, we rolled out a project we worked on for over a year—Zero Plus: Your Personal Fasting Coach. Zero Plus is a premium, custom experience upgrade from the free-of-charge Zero interface. It provides personalized fasting plans, expert content, advanced statistics, and is a great tool for people who are either looking to embark on or improve their fasting practice.

My goal for Zero Plus is to share the knowledge of my team as widely as possible and to help anyone experience the benefits of fasting. With an ever-updating library of video, audio, and article content—and fasting plans—that evolve with users over time, I believe Zero Plus can help anyone who wants to improve personal health.

Various screens of the Zero appI’m proud of what we’ve built with Zero Plus and I believe that we’re providing the most well-researched, curated, and tailored information for users who are interested in optimizing their health and longevity by way of a fasting practice.

You can hear more about Zero Plus in my short discussion, below, with Zero CEO, Mike Maser. Whether you choose to use the free version of Zero, or upgrade to Zero Plus, I hope you consider joining me on my next fast.

DISCLOSURE: I am the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer for Zero. Unlike the majority of the products that I speak about on my podcast, or that we highlight through our member’s only discounts, for which I have no financial interest, I have a clear financial interest in the success of Zero. For a list of my other disclosures, please see here.

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