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Q&A on Alzheimer’s disease drug therapy with Dr. Richard Isaacson

The topic of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)  is perpetually on my radar. For many of us, it’s the chronic disease we…


Masking emotion in the age of COVID-19

Widespread mask wearing in public has become routine, and, in many places, mandated across the US and around the world. While…

Weekly Emails

A few things worth sharing: 11-08-2020

Mental health; Minty-fresh toothpaste

Understanding science

Teaching science through the lens of discovery

Like anyone with children right now, the end of this past school year went from in-person schooling to remote learning…

Weekly Emails

A few things worth sharing: 10-25-2020

The Challenger flight; Addressing climate change, post-pandemic

Understanding science

Time-restricted eating: efficacy versus effectiveness

What happens when people are prescribed a treatment vs what happens when people take the treatment are two different questions.

Weekly Emails

Topo Chico

Am I going to throw out my current stockpile of Topo Chico?

Weekly Emails

A few things worth sharing: 10-04-2020

Longevity in mice; The wonders of F1.


Colorectal cancer screening

When I learned about Chadwick Boseman’s death from colorectal cancer (CRC) at the age of 43 a few weeks ago, it broke my heart.

Mental health

A few things worth sharing: 09-13-2020

The Lost Years and Last Days of David Foster Wallace.

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