Calorie restriction: Part I – an introduction

What does restricting calories have to do with longevity?

Weekly Emails

Sunday drive

He was an artist, musician, and athlete rolled into one.


The importance of metabolic syndrome and the man behind it

This condition we now all take for granted was barely understood just 30 years ago.

Mental health

This is water

It took many events in my life, and many years, for this to finally sink in.

Understanding science

Studying Studies: Part V – power and significance

Studies can be statistically powerful and significant, but practically weak and meaningless (and vice versa).

Weekly Emails

The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be…

A very welcome reminder of what humans are capable of.


Fat, cancer, discomfort, and giving

This week we learned there’s often more to the story than the one you’re being told.

Understanding science

Lack of context may fuel spread of unintended consequences

A recent study on diet and prostate cancer suggests we need to be more careful communicating and interpreting information.

Mental health

The power of second chances and the Super Bowl

I was moved to tears by this interview and I’ve already sent it to a half dozen people I care about.

Understanding science

Studying Studies: Part IV – randomization and confounding

Randomization helps us in our quest to not fool ourselves. Confounding? Not so much.

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