October 14, 2018

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A doctor with 1 million patients

I can only say that there may be no person—let alone doctor—that I hold in higher regard.

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About 3 years ago I was introduced to the work of Dr. Tom Catena, courtesy of the writing of Nick Kristof and my dear friends Rick and Mark Gerson. Tom is the only doctor serving one million people, being attacked and killed by their own government, in a region of the world even the UN and Doctors Without Borders will not serve.

Over the coming year, I would get to know more and more about Tom’s work and I can only say that there may be no person—let alone doctor—that I hold in higher regard. It had been humbling to learn more and more about Tom over time and I’ve had the privilege of communicating with him directly on several occasions, getting real-time updates of what he’s doing.

Recently, a documentary called Heart of Nuba, was released featuring Tom and his team in the Nuba mountains. My wife and I watched this documentary with our daughter, Olivia (10), last week, and although it was hard for Olivia to watch some parts of this, I felt it was an important example of showing the real power of medicine (versus the relatively easy stuff her parents do) and true sacrifice. I can’t encourage you all enough to do the same.

Also, this week is -SPRING break: My friend and mentor, Tom Dayspring, sat down for close to 8 hours with me, discussing all things lipids. We’re releasing the conversation in five parts, this Monday through Friday. If that wasn’t enough, Tom created a companion glossary for our discussion (in addition to the killer slides and references for the show notes). It’s posted on the site and serves as an excellent standalone narrative glossary and primer for the five-part series.

– Peter

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