August 23, 2018


#11 – AMA #2: the Nothingburger — results from Peter’s week-long fast between two weeks of nutritional ketosis — and answering questions on all things fasting

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." —William Bruce Cameron

Read Time 9 minutes

Consider this episode a cross between an ask me anything (AMA) and a show-and-tell. Peter discusses his fasting experiment in great detail and answers questions from listeners and readers.

We discuss:

  • Why Peter did a one-week fast and the rationale for front- and back-ending it with a week-long ketogenic diet [6:30];
  • What Peter’s typical diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, and supplementation looks like [11:00];
  • What labs (e.g., glucose, ketones, lipids, inflammation and oxidation markers, thyroid, sex hormones) Peter checked for the experiment [22:00];
  • Peter’s results after one week on a ketogenic diet [29:30];
  • Peter’s results after a week on a water-only fast [48:45];
  • Peter’s results after a week on a ketogenic diet following a week of fasting [58:30];
  • Peter’s “Top 6” surprises from the fasting experiment [1:08:30];
  • Different fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) protocols [1:29:20];
  • What is the optimal protocol, frequency, and duration for fasting? [1:33:00];
  • How to break a fast without GI distress? [1:38:00];
  • “Am I breaking the fast if…?” [1:41:30]; and
  • More.


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  1. What brand is your sodium only bouillon? I can only find with oil or worse yet added sugar. Do you make it yourself?

  2. Peter, How do you manage your electrolytes – during ketosis, during fasting – and generally. I would appreciate hearing from you. I struggle with it a lot.

  3. Hey Peter, thanks for the podcast. Did you publish the spreadsheet anywhere? Might just have missed it.


  4. the lack of acknowledgement of the implications of skyrocketing NEFA and mobilization of the stored PUFA in adipose while discussing lab results was driving me crazy. Explains so many of your questions!

  5. Would you expect hunger to be less with a water only fast as compared to a low calorie (500-700 cal/day) “fast”?

  6. I tried searching and having seen a deep dive into the thyroid. Could you please do one? For example, you mentioned something as small as mineral deficiencies affecting the thyroid. I’d want to know about people that aren’t getting iodized salt as well as nuances of free T4, rT3, etc. Thanks in advance.

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