January 14, 2019


Eric Chehab, M.D.: Extending healthspan and preserving quality of life (EP.36)

"Aging is such a big part of what we treat in orthopedics. . .our role is to help patients adapt and cope with their new reality. . .[without] imposing any artificial limits on them." —Eric Chehab

by Peter Attia

Read Time 27 minutes

In this episode, Dr. Eric Chehab, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, explains the measures we can take to live better and maintain our physical health through exercise and the avoidance of common injuries that prove to be the downfall for many. He also provides valuable insight for those weighing their treatment options from physical therapy to surgery to stem cells.


We discuss:

  • Favorite bands, musicians, and concerts [3:30];
  • Eric’s upbringing, biggest influences, college life, and teaching overseas [12:45];
  • Eric’s training, fellowship with the New York Giants, and the risk vs. reward of playing football [39:15];
  • The knee joint: common injuries, knee replacements, and proper exercise [1:00:00];
  • Best exercise for orthopedic health and bone density [1:10:00];
  • Most common injuries: knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle, foot [1:20:45];
  • Physical therapy vs. surgery, and the meniscus surgery controversy [1:28:30];
  • PRP, stem cells, sham surgeries, and the placebo effect [1:41:00];
  • Back injuries: when does surgery make sense? [1:54:15];
  • How to find the right orthopedic surgeon for you [2:01:45];
  • How to cope with complications and maintain quality of life through adaptation [2:09:15];
  • Dr. Bukk Teef [2:26:45]; and
  • More.



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