Exercises After Shoulder Surgery (Post-Op Week 9)

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As many of you know, I had shoulder surgery in March 2022. I was recently given clearance to expand my range of motion. I thought it would be helpful to film my entire week 9 post-op PT session with Kyler Brown where we walk through 11 shoulder exercises. Remember, these exercises are great even if you’re not recovering from surgery!

In this video, we discuss:

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 05:15 – Isometric Shoulder Extension
  • 05:47 – Isometric Shoulder Flexion
  • 06:30 – Isometric Shoulder External Rotation
  • 08:33 – Assisted Flexion/Supination with Core Activation and Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • 09:59 – Ipsilateral Rotation With Banded Hip and Shoulder Facilitation
  • 13:23 – Bilateral Banded External Rotation (3 hand positions)
  • 15:38 – Kickstand RDL with External Rotation Isometric the Shoulder
  • 17:28 – Reverse Lunge with Isometric Row
  • 18:40 – Isometric Cuff walk-outs (Increases load tolerance without motion to the joint)
  • 20:35 – Rotator Cuff Eccentrics
  • 22:20 – Rotator Cuff Eccentric with Drop sets
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  1. Peter Attia’s decision to have surgery has lead to my own reassessment of the surgical option. My initial injury was in the late 80’s and ended my possibilities as a competitive grappler. I continued to grapple a little but my shoulder was always in a guarded position so I have been experiencing a slow cascade of complications that come from compensating for old injuries with poor ossature. I don’t think the surgical prognosis would have been positive when the injury was acute but the field has evolved and advanced and I am now looking for the best surgeon for my individual needs.

  2. When investing I often clone the processes of those I admire. By making his path public Mr. Attia is opening up the possibility of cloning aspects of his health process. Its a tremendous public service.


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