September 24, 2018


Mike Trevino: life-lessons from ultra-endurance, mindset, hard work, and removing limitations (EP.17)

“Change your mindset . . . on what you think you can do . . . you have the innate ability to do amazing things, just most people haven’t figured out how to tap into that.” —Mike Trevino

by Peter Attia

Read Time 14 minutes

In this episode, ultra-endurance athlete and entrepreneur, Mike Trevino, discusses the lessons he’s learned from his remarkable athletic feats, and the training required to reach them. Not only is Mike’s advice practical for those looking to take their endurance training to the next level, but his lessons and insight are extraordinarily applicable to living everyday life.


We discuss:

  • Mike’s background, his crazy birthday tradition, and his transition from power to endurance [6:30];
  • Mike’s breakthrough year: setting a course record, and completing the Badwater 135 [16:00];
  • Race Across America (RAAM), perseverance, and extreme sleep deprivation [25:30];
  • Mindset, nutrition, fasting, and other advice from Mike for those looking to take the next step in their training [49:00];
  • What getting a parasite taught Mike about fasting [59:45];
  • The risks involved with cycling [1:03:00];
  • Mike setting the Trans-Iowa (RAGBRAI) record [1:10:15];
  • PEDs, stimulants, and their effect on performance [1:15:00];
  • What motivates Mike (and others) to do this extreme stuff? What led him to eventually pull back? [1:22:00];
  • Life-lessons learned from training, and how to impart them to his kids, and others [1:35:30];
  • The greatest beer in the world remains a mystery [1:46:15]; and
  • More.


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