Fun – egg boxing

Easter weekend egg boxing

Expanding the egg boxing community

#50 – AMA #5: calcium scores, Centenarian Decathlon™, exercise, muscle glycogen, keto, and more

“We’re really talking a completely new model, which is actually forcing your way to become a centenarian rather than just sort of gliding your way into it and therefore, I think it’s going to require much more deliberate attention around what your mind and body are doing at that point and time.” — Peter Attia

Why am I such a knucklehead?

I had an obsession with cracking my knuckles. How the heck does it produce such a cool sound (people around me beg to differ on the degree of coolness)?

Remembering Ramanujan, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and a new podcast

And, speaking of boxing, and Easter, I filmed a brief primer on one of the most underappreciated sports of all time, egg boxing.

Egg boxing

The sweet science.

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