July 9, 2018


#04 – AMA #1: alcohol, best lab tests, wearables, finding the right doc, racing, and more

"I feel the need...the need for speed." —Maverick and Goose

by Peter Attia

Read Time 15 minutes

In the first “Ask Me Anything” episode, I answer a wide range of questions from podcast listeners and the Twittersphere. Bob Kaplan, my head analyst, playing the role of Mike Wallace, asks, and follows up on, the hard-hitting questions submitted via Twitter.


* If you have any questions for the next AMA (#2), please submit them to the comments section of this post. *

We discuss:

  • What are my thoughts on alcohol consumption and health? [4:00]
  • What are the best lab tests to request from your PCP, and what are the best markers for longevity? [14:00]
  • What are the best wearables and why, and why do I use a continuous glucose monitor? [35:00]
  • How does one select the right physician as a patient? [47:00]
  • Why do I race cars and what’s the hardest thing to learn as a new driver? [54:30]
  • What is my current exercise regimen and what are my thoughts on exercise for improving lifespan and healthspan? [1:20:15]
  • What is my strategy for learning something deeply? [1:33:00]
  • What is my process for forming my beliefs? [1:53:30]
  • What does my diet look like these days? [1:57:45]
  • And more.



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