March 18, 2019


#45 – AMA #4: sleep, jet lag protocol, autophagy, metformin, and more

“Every day in the human body, some 10 billion cells die and are replaced by new cells.” —Nick Lane

Read Time 19 minutes

In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, the first subscriber-only edition, Peter answers a wide range of questions from readers and podcast listeners. Bob Kaplan, Peter’s head of research, asks the questions. If you’re a subscriber, you can watch or listen to this full episode on our website.

AMA #4 Sneak Peak:

We discuss:

  • Blue light blockers and how they improve sleep [1:30];
  • How to minimize jet lag and sleep disruption while traveling [6:45];
  • How to treat symptoms of PMS, the female hormone cycle, testosterone in women, and estrogen in men [15:45];
  • Autophagy: what it is, why it matters, and how can we enhance it [26:15];
  • The two-minute drill (and a bonus Patriots and Tom Brady tangent) [41:15];
  • Has Peter thought about having CME accredited content for people in the medical field? [44:15];
  • How does one find good doctors that are somewhat up to date on the latest research, primary care, etc.? [45:45];
  • What values would Peter be interested in monitoring continuously if the tech existed? [47:15];
  • How to annoy Peter [49:15];
  • If I’m interested in longevity, should I do a Ph.D. or M.D.? [50:00]; and
  • More.


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  1. OMG the Phosphatidal serine tip has changed my life. Early wake ups have been plaguing me for a while now. I have a low stress life, exercise and sauna often, meditate regularly, and was still waking up after 6-7 hrs most nights, anxious and unable to get back to sleep. (Falling asleep was never a problem). Anyways I tried the Phosphatidal serine before bed and I’m sleeping much longer and deeper. Thank you! I hope I don’t develop a tolerance.

    • Interesting. Are you keeping a consistent sleeping schedule? I’ll wake up earlier than I want on the weekends, but that’s usually because I went to bed later than I should. The Matt Walker podcast says I should still get up at the same time even though it’s tempting to sleep in. If you’re short sleeping with a consistent bedtime that’s another thing.

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