September 9, 2018

Science of Aging

Boston: Pearl Jam, Seyfried, Sinclair, and more

Definitely shared the sentiment with Eddie Vedder when he said he didn’t remember Boston being so tropical.

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Great to be in Boston last week to record a couple of podcasts, spend time with friends and family, and visit Fenway for a Pearl Jam concert (my favorite band). Definitely shared the sentiment with Eddie Vedder when he said he didn’t remember Boston being so tropical. Took in the sights at Fenway Park, and was very pleasantly surprised they played I Am Mine (here is my bootleg recording). If you’ll recall, I wrote a little about the significance behind that song in a previous email. I’ve always liked that song, but it took on new meaning after reading about Jo Aubin. Really an emotional song, through that lens.

Recorded interviews with Tom Seyfried and David Sinclair for the podcast, who were both very generous with their time and insight (cancer and longevity, respectively). The drive (pardon the pun) on both of them was palpable throughout our discussions. Excited to release them, likely in late October to early November.

Another highlight of the week was meeting Terry Real for the first time and spending a day with him. I mentioned on my inaugural episode with Tim Ferriss that Terry’s book, I Don’t Want to Talk About It, was my new #1 most-gifted book. I hope to one day have Terry on the podcast.

On the flight back from Boston, I re-read this gem from David Foster Wallace:The String Theory. He wrote on a different plane from us mere mortals. Which makes it all the more unbelievable that he was dead at 46. I guess I’m grateful that he left a legacy via his words on paper, but…damn.

Lastly, Robert Lustig, and his insights into sugar, NAFLD, metabolic syndrome, how to change the food environment, and more, is dropping tomorrow on the podcast.

– Peter

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