April 29, 2018

Mental & Emotional Health

The Joe Rogan Experience and exploring forgiveness

Why, exactly, is Tom Morello swimming to Catalina??

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In case you missed it, I revisited a previous ketosis post with a new update. You can find it on the site here.

I had a lot of fun sitting down with Joe Rogan this week. You can find the video here and the audio here. I think the funniest (and most flattering) comment I saw was, “Why, exactly, is Tom Morello swimming to Catalina??” #RageAgainstTheMachineRules.

This week, Tim Ferriss and I recruited a few friends to visit Kern State Prison, a level 4 (i.e., max security) prison in California. For a bit of background on why we did this—and be ready to get emotional—watch this video explaining the work Defy Ventures does inside of prisons like Kern and Pelican Bay. Tim recently interviewed Defy founder Cat Hoke on his podcast and I can’t recommend this episode highly enough. Cat is one of the most remarkable souls on this planet and nothing could prepare me for what we experienced at Kern this week. Rather than try to explain it in an email, I will eventually discuss this in depth on a podcast.

Many of the men came up to us as we were leaving, with tears in their eyes, to thank us for coming and to express their gratitude for the little bit we did. What I don’t think they will ever understand is that they gave us infinitely more than we can give them. I cannot explain with words what it feels like to embrace a 32-year-old man who has been incarcerated since he was 13, in solitary confinement for 12 of those years, and admit our most shameful moments in life to each other.

I would encourage every single person to put aside their judgments about incarcerated people and spend a day doing this with Defy. I can promise you this will change your life more than anything else I can think of.

– Peter

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