July 15, 2018


The keto buffet

This week, I’m doing a one-week fast. I try to do this once a quarter.

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Tomorrow, I’m releasing a whopper of a podcast episode with my good friend Dom D’Agostino. Admittedly, it gets pretty dense at times, but I love being dense (just ask my kids).

If you are new to all things ketosis — or even if you’re a seasoned vet — I suggest you read these two posts, here, and here, to be more familiar with (or brush up on) the ideas in the episode. Also, we talk about the “jet fuel” Dom gave me years ago. If you’re looking for more context, look no further than my experience with exogenous ketones post.

This episode is being released at a “funny” time for me. After a long hiatus, I just spent a week in nutritional ketosis (NK). While I didn’t necessarily forget, it really hit me how good I feel in NK (when not exercising) and how relatively effortless it is for me to eat this way (so long as I clean out my grocer of sour cream and cream cheese). Of course, I was also reminded how much it sucks to try to exercise at my non-keto-habituated levels without the time to adapt, which I have not yet had.

This week, I’m doing a one-week fast. I try to do this once a quarter. (I’m sure we’ll cover the why and how in an upcoming AMA). I suspect being in NK will provide a nice bridge from NK to SK (starvation, or fasting ketosis), plus I’ll be fueled by my latest obsession. My challenges in the weight room and on the bike this week will keep me humble going into my workouts next week. I’ll likely exercise every day, but at about 70% of the intensity.

– Peter

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