August 13, 2021


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Looking for members to join our remote team

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Around this time last year I sent an email asking for your help to find someone who could help translate our clinical insights from the practice into a digital product for a larger audience. Your feedback and responses were instrumental in helping us think about how we build the digital product. So here I am reaching out again. With the upcoming digital product, the podcast, and research demands of the clinical practice, I am eager to expand the team. We’re adding a number of new remote opportunities to our team, including several leadership roles. To see a full list of all openings and to apply, visit our job board.  Please do not respond directly to this email, as the volume of email that comes through this address is high, and such responses can be missed. 

Manager, Research 

We are seeking a well-organized, entrepreneurial and assertive Manager of Research to spearhead the expansion of our research program and lead a virtual team of four to six analysts and technical contributors. I need an experienced manager who knows how to develop, operate, and audit a seamless workflow to funnel incoming requests from the clinical team, assign ownership to specific analysts to research and aggregate information, review synthesized answers or insights, and redistribute back to the original stakeholder. [View full role]

Manager, Acquisition and Growth

We are looking for a strong creative leader to identify, build, scale, optimize, and evolve a strategy for acquisition and retention across our full ecosystem of communication channels, current digital products, and future products (like our new digital product that’s on the horizon). [View full role]


I have previously mentioned how I have a team of analysts who help me and our clinical team find answers to questions. Given the fact that I am never short of questions (most of the time it seems like the more I find out, the less I know), we are looking to add Analysts to the team. These questions span the clinical practice, podcast interview preparation, and the upcoming new digital product. Needless to say that the research team is an integral part of each respective endeavor. I rely on them to help put out the best quality and depth of information possible. [View full role]

To ensure we receive your application, please submit and apply for the job through our Careers Page, only. 

Thank you for your interest in joining my team or sharing the above roles with someone in your network that would be a strong fit. There are exciting developments on the horizon, and I look forward to welcoming new members to the team.

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  1. I am a semi-retired General Surgeon living in San Antonio. I would like to offer my services as volunteer or other capacity to the practice or organization.

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