July 1, 2018

Understanding science

Arrogance, humility, and the podcast launch

Good practice for docs to read such reports weekly—an excellent reminder of how little we know.

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Love the Diagnosis series from the NYT Sunday Magazine. Here’s one from last week. The reader can help Dr. Lisa Sanders get to the bottom of unsolved medical mysteries. Good practice for docs to read such reports weekly—an excellent reminder of how little we know. You can also find one of these each week in the New England Journal of Medicine. I come away from reading these case studies thinking I’m categorically useless (I can’t recall the last time I actually ‘cracked the case’), which is a great counterbalance to the unfortunately easy-to-brew arrogance I’m sadly susceptible to. I hope all docs reading this take a moment to get stumped by such cases—one possible antidote to arrogance.

Ok, without further delay, I’m excited for the release of the first three episodes of my podcast tomorrow. In these three episodes, I speak with Tim FerrissRhonda Patrick, and Ron Krauss, respectively. We covered a lot of ground between the three of them. If you’re interested in mental health, physical health, and/or reducing the risk of chronic disease, I think you’ll enjoy these episodes. I’ll send an email tomorrow after the podcasts are published to let you know they’re up and where you can find the show notes to learn more about what we talked about (and a treasure trove of related links).

– Peter

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