Problem Solving with Your Feet

Beth Lewis and I recently published a short video discussing the relationship between strength and stability and their connection to longevity. One component we discussed in this video was the importance of training lower body power and, more specifically, lower-leg adaptability and variability. Just like you lose strength as you age, you also lose power. Activities of daily living — such as getting up from a chair, stepping off a curb, or walking upstairs — become more challenging. 

Intentionally training lower leg variability can help strengthen your lower body and, most importantly, help prevent falls — the 5th leading cause of death in people over the age of 75. Beth often calls this the ability to “problem-solve with your feet.”

Below is a collection of content looking closer at the evolution of the human foot, the importance of maintaining use of your toes, and specific exercises you can do.


Importance of maintaining use of your toes, minimalist footwear, and toe yoga

This video clip is from episode #131 — Beth Lewis: The Art of Stability — originally released on October 5,…

3 Ways to Train Lower Leg Mechanics

We absorb shock through the frontal plane of the foot. Being able to absorb shock efficiently is critical as we…

Strength and stability are essential for longevity

Envision yourself at 90 years old. What do you want to be able to do, physically? Perhaps it’s as simple…

How to train balance & lower leg variability

I think everyone appreciates the importance of balance at all stages of life, but as we age, the consequences of…

#131 – Beth Lewis: The Art of Stability: Learning about pain, mitigating injury, and moving better through life

“The only time it’s bad posture is when you don’t have another option.” —Beth Lewis

#128 – Irene Davis, Ph.D.: Evolution of the foot, running injuries, and minimalist shoes

“Rather than have the runners adapt to the running, they took the shoe and adapted it to the runner.” — Irene Davis

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