Mental & Emotional Health

As many of you have heard me discuss, longevity is a balance of lifespan (living longer) and healthspan (living better). I want to take a moment to focus specifically on one of the key elements of living better: emotional health.

While this is a bit of a nebulous concept, to me it encompasses happiness, emotional resilience and distress tolerance, mindfulness, stillness, and fulfillment, among others. It touches on our sense of individual purpose, as well as our ability to engage in meaningful and supportive relationships with those we love.

Below is a collection of past articles and podcasts discussing the topic of mental and emotional health. My hope is this past content can serve as helpful resources to dive deeper into this topic.

Prioritizing “real friends” over “deal friends”

According to a May 2021 survey, Americans report having fewer close friendships than they did 30 years ago. But according to a recent conversation I had with author and social scientist Arthur Brooks, friendship is one of the key factors in finding and maintaining happiness as we age. 


#219 ‒ Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): skills for overcoming depression, emotional dysregulation, and more | Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D., ABPP

I honestly believe that anybody could benefit from learning DBT skills.” —Shireen Rizvi

#208 – Tragedy, grief, healing, and finding happiness | Kelsey Chittick

There’s just a real relief when you stop wishing it was different, whatever it is.” —Kelsey Chittick

Challenges of meditation & understanding ‘sub-minds’

This audio clip is from episode #37 with Zubin Damania, M.D., originally released on January 21, 2019.

Reliable strategies for developing stillness

This audio clip is from episode #90 with Ryan Holiday on stillness, stoicism, and suffering less, originally released on January…

Why Peter meditates and advice for new meditators

This audio clip is from episode #72 with Dan Harris, originally published on September 23, 2019.

The transformative moment that led Peter to mindfulness meditation

This audio clip is from episode #34 with Sam Harris, Ph.D., originally released on December 20, 2018.  

Why everyone, including Type A personalities, should try meditation

This audio clip is from episode #1 with Tim Ferriss, originally released on July 2, 2018.

Alcohol, sleep, and stress: A self-fulfilling prophecy

This audio clip is from our sleep series with Matthew Walker, Ph.D., episode #126 — Matthew Walker, Ph.D.: Sleep and…

Peter on how stress can show up as physical pain

This clip is from “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode #16, originally released on October 12, 2020. If you’re a member, you…

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