January 7, 2019


Nir Barzilai, M.D.: How to tame aging (EP.35)

"I think the prevention of aging is really a good place to be. . .and I think life is going to be very different in the next decade with our advances." —Nir Barzilai

by Peter Attia

Read Time 26 minutes

In this episode, Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research and expert in the genetics of longevity, discusses the evidence that metformin and rapamycin have anti-aging properties and how his TAME study aims to support this hypothesis in humans. Additionally, he describes the role of genetics in lifespan/healthspan and how it might affect important pathways such as IGF and insulin sensitivity.


We discuss:

  • Nir’s background and interest in aging and endocrinology [3:30];
  • History of metformin, and understanding the mechanism [11:15];
  • Attempting to define insulin resistance [21:15];
  • Metformin as a possible anti-aging drug [48:45];
  • The TAME trial: Targeting Aging with MEtformin [57:45];
  • Why Nir believes metformin can slow aging [1:16:30];
  • The genetic gift of centenarians [1:28:00];
  • IGF/GH and its impact on aging and chronic diseases [1:34:15];
  • Genetics/epigenetics of centenarians, gene sequencing, CETP-VV, Lp(a) [1:49:15];
  • Should you be taking HGH? [2:05:30];
  • NAD and NAD precursors (NR and NMN) [2:30:00];
  • Parting thoughts on metformin [2:36:15];
  • Possible blind spots in Nir and Peter’s thinking? [2:43:00]; and
  • More.



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