Behavior Change, Habits, & Productivity

My view is that any date is a good date for a change, if it’s the right change. If you follow my podcast or regularly read my emails, you know I spend a lot of time discussing what those ‘right’ changes may or may not be in the realm of health, wellness, and longevity.

Below is a compilation of podcast episodes, clips, and articles discussing tactical ways to implement such changes in your life through behavior change strategies, productivity improvements, and the process of building habits. My hope is that this content can serve as helpful resources to dive deeper into this topic as well as support your ongoing longevity journey.

Mental models

#183 – James Clear: Building & Changing Habits

“If you’re going to be building habits anyway, you might as well understand what they are and how they work and how to shape them so that you can be the architect of your habits and not the victim of them.” —James Clear

#284 ‒ Overcoming addictive behaviors, elevating wellbeing, thriving in an era of excess, and the scarcity loop | Michael Easter, M.A.

There is some underlying level of danger. And that, in turn, that uncertainty, forces me into presence and awareness and makes my time consequential. And I think that is life-giving.” —Michael Easter

Research Worth Sharing, December 2023 Edition

MDMA for PTSD, the HALL aging database, peanut immunotherapy, blood pressure cuff sizes and accuracy, and the effects of swearing on strength

#265 – Time, productivity, and purpose: insights from Four Thousand Weeks | Oliver Burkeman

Part of living a meaningful life is to be conscious of that fact that we don’t get all the time we would wish to have.” —Oliver Burkeman

The dangers of “healthy” addictions

Though exercise has virtually unlimited health benefits, addiction to exercise can be a danger to mental and physical well-being. But what distinguishes exercise addiction from healthy engagement in physical activity?

Twenty years after the Columbia disaster, what can we learn from the mistake of ignoring problems?

Every January, NASA holds a Day of Remembrance to honor the lives of astronauts lost to tragedy. But perhaps the greatest tribute we can make is to learn from past mistakes.

The Epidemic on the Road

Motor vehicle accidents are a common yet often overlooked cause of death – and the numbers are rising.

What is the role of genetics in determining one’s work ethic and success in a given discipline?

This clip is from episode #183, James Clear: Building & Changing Habits, originally released on November 8, 2021.  

Reliable strategies for developing stillness

This audio clip is from episode #90 with Ryan Holiday on stillness, stoicism, and suffering less, originally released on January…

Why everyone, including Type A personalities, should try meditation

This audio clip is from episode #1 with Tim Ferriss, originally released on July 2, 2018.

#199 – Running, overcoming challenges, and finding success | Ryan Hall

You just got to bring yourself back to being present in this moment, and there’s always enough to get you through this moment.” —Ryan Hall

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