Exercise & Physical Health

Exercise might be the most potent “drug” we have for extending the quality and perhaps quantity of our years of life. My framework for exercise is built upon four pillars: stability (the foundation), strength, aerobic / zone 2 training, & anaerobic / zone 5 training.

Below is a compilation of clips, articles, and podcast focused on exercising through the lens of longevity, and how to train for, what I like to call, the “Centenarian Olympics.”

Are nitrates the next big thing for athletic performance?

Existing evidence suggests that nitrates provide benefits for cardiovascular health and exercise performance. Let’s discuss some of the recent data.

Fasting & protein: the impact of fasting on muscle mass

This video clip is from Ask Me Anything (AMA) #32 — Exercise, squats, deadlifts, BFR, and TRT, originally released on…

#205 – Energy balance, nutrition, & building muscle | Layne Norton, Ph.D. (Pt.2)

Lean body mass is inversely proportional to your risk of mortality after age 50.” —Layne Norton

Does walking 10 minutes per day extend your life? (Hint: No.)

Either I completely dozed for the past ten years, or the author of a recent news article pulled data from some farcical study. Let’s take a closer look. 

How to train balance & lower leg variability

I think everyone appreciates the importance of balance at all stages of life, but as we age, the consequences of…

How to find your “Zone 2” without using a lactate meter

This video clip is from episode #201 – Deep dive back into Zone 2 with Iñigo San-Millán, Ph.D, originally released…

#201 – Deep dive back into Zone 2 | Iñigo San-Millán, Ph.D. (Pt. 2)

You can accomplish very important mitochondrial adaptations and very important metabolic adaptations by exercising one hour.” —Iñigo San-Millán

Does PR Lotion really improve exercise performance?

PR Lotion is believed to buffer acid that builds up in muscles during intense exercise, but can we really believe the hype?

Why is maintaining weight loss more challenging than losing weight?

This video clip is taken from Podcast #197 — The science of obesity & how to improve nutritional epidemiology with David…

#200 – AMA #33: Hydration—electrolytes, supplements, sports drinks, performance effects, and more

“Anytime I’m not drinking [plain] water, there’s really a purpose that I’m trying to serve in terms of glucose and/or electrolyte replacement and improving hydration status and water absorption.” —Peter Attia

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