Exercise & Physical Health

Exercise might be the most potent “drug” we have for extending the quality and perhaps quantity of our years of life. My framework for exercise is built upon four pillars: stability (the foundation), strength, aerobic / zone 2 training, & anaerobic / zone 5 training.

Below is a compilation of clips, articles, and podcast focused on exercising through the lens of longevity, and how to train for, what I like to call, the “Centenarian Olympics.”

Why is maintaining weight loss more challenging than losing weight?

This video clip is taken from Podcast #197 — The science of obesity & how to improve nutritional epidemiology with David…

#200 – AMA #33: Hydration—electrolytes, supplements, sports drinks, performance effects, and more

“Anytime I’m not drinking [plain] water, there’s really a purpose that I’m trying to serve in terms of glucose and/or electrolyte replacement and improving hydration status and water absorption.” —Peter Attia

#199 – Running, overcoming challenges, and finding success | Ryan Hall

You just got to bring yourself back to being present in this moment, and there’s always enough to get you through this moment.” —Ryan Hall

Peter Attia on the role of exercise in mitigating and reversing insulin resistance

This clip is from “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode #20, originally released on February 15, 2021. If you’re a member, you…

#196 – AMA #32: Exercise, squats, deadlifts, BFR, and TRT

“You have to differentiate between signal and noise. . .it’s easy to say testosterone causes heart disease just like it’s easy to say estrogen causes breast cancer. But if you’re actually going to go through all of the data. . .I think it becomes very difficult to make that case.” —Peter Attia

Peter Attia on Zone 2 and Zone 5 Training

This audio clip was pulled from “Ask Me Anything” episode #12 — Strategies for longevity (which don’t require a doctor). This…

Peter Attia on Zone 5 & Anaerobic Training Protocols

This audio clip was pulled from “Ask Me Anything” episode #21 — Deep dive into olive oil, high-intensity exercise, book update,…

Peter Attia on the importance of preserving strength and muscle mass as we age

“If you have the aspiration of kicking ass when you’re 85, you can’t afford to be average when you’re 50.” —Peter Attia

#193 – AMA #31: Heart rate variability (HRV), alcohol, sleep, and more

In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, Peter and Bob first answer a variety of questions related to heart rate…

Peter Attia & Beth Lewis on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

This video clip is from podcast #131 — Beth Lewis: The Art of Stability — which was originally released on October 5, 2020.

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