Metabolic disease

One way to think about metabolic disease is as a disorder in fuel processing. Whether we’re talking about hyperinsulinemia or type 2 diabetes, the fundamental problem is that the body is not doing a good job storing and accessing fuel.

I think of the three most deadly chronic diseasesheart disease, cancer, and dementia — as pillars all resting on the foundation of metabolic disease. While complications from metabolic disease often do not directly lead to death, the indirect cost is staggering. Each of the other major pillars of chronic disease is exacerbated and amplified by metabolic dysregulation.

Metabolic disease typically exists on a continuum — progressing from hyperinsulinemia, to insulin resistance, to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, all the way to type 2 diabetes — and tends to cluster with five signs which make up the diagnostic criteria for Metabolic Syndrome, including: high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, elevated blood glucose, truncal obesity, and low HDL-cholesterol.

The following is a collection of content that dives deeper into the topic of metabolic health, discussing specific strategies for prevention and treatment.

Metabolic disease

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Zone 2 output is arguably the most important functional test we have of metabolic health.” —Peter Attia

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#216 – Metabolomics, NAD+, and cancer metabolism | Josh Rabinowitz, M.D., Ph.D.

“My big hope is that we’re going to be able to have some combination of directed, metabolic immune supplements and diet that really work with therapy to treat cancer.” —Josh Rabinowitz

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A look at whether activating brown fat through cold exposure therapy offers metabolic benefits.

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Several studies have examined the effects of both maternal diabetes and maternal metformin exposure on offspring, but prospective fathers have received comparatively little attention. A recent study sought to change that.

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I really think that in 10 years we’re going to basically be using designer-based immunotherapies to eradicate most solid organ metastatic cancers.” —Peter Attia

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