Aerobic & Zone 2 Training

Zone 2 is the third of four pillars in my framework for exercise: aerobic exercise. Zone 2 is defined as the highest metabolic output/work that you can sustain while keeping your lactate level below two millimole per liter.

Below is a compilation of clips, podcasts, and articles all about zone 2 training, why it is important, and how often you should be incorporating it into your exercise regimen.

Peter Attia on the role of exercise in mitigating and reversing insulin resistance

This clip is from “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode #20, originally released on February 15, 2021. If you’re a member, you…

Peter Attia on Zone 2 and Zone 5 Training

This audio clip was pulled from “Ask Me Anything” episode #12 — Strategies for longevity (which don’t require a doctor). This…

Peter Attia on Zone 5 & Anaerobic Training Protocols

This audio clip was pulled from “Ask Me Anything” episode #21 — Deep dive into olive oil, high-intensity exercise, book update,…

Q&A on Zone 2 Exercise with Peter Attia, M.D.

This was originally recorded as an Instagram Live in March 2021.

#176 – AMA #27: The importance of muscle mass, strength, and cardiorespiratory fitness for longevity

“If you have the aspiration of kicking ass when you’re 85, you can’t afford to be average when you’re 50.” —Peter Attia

#173 – AMA #26: Continuous glucose monitors, zone 2 training, and a framework for interventions

Zone two is a metabolic state. It’s not determined by speed. It’s determined by which energy system you’re requiring and what the equilibrium is.” —Peter Attia

#153 – AMA #21: Deep dive into olive oil, high-intensity exercise, book update, and more

“Think of diets like drugs…no one would ever believe that there is one drug that should be used by everyone for everything.” —Peter Attia

#151 – Alex Hutchinson, Ph.D.: Translating the science of endurance and extreme human performance

“Any meaningful form of exercise that’s going to do substantial amounts of good is going to involve dealing with discomfort in one form or another.” —Alex Hutchinson

#149 – AMA #20: Simplifying the complexities of insulin resistance: how it’s measured, how it manifests in the muscle and liver, and what we can do about it

“If you’re in the business of wanting to live the healthiest life you can live, which means longer and better, you’ve got to be insulin sensitive, full stop.” — Peter Attia

#145 – AMA #19: Deep dive on Zone 2 training, magnesium supplementation, and how to engage with your doctor

In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, Peter and Bob take a deep dive into zone 2 training. They begin…

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