Nutritional Biochemistry

I often get asked, ‘Which diet works best?’. In my view, this is simply the wrong question. Nutritional biochemistry is a powerful lever in our longevity toolkit, but it is much more than fad diets or the number on the bathroom scale. A better question might be, “how can I use nutrition to support my metabolic health?”

Reframing the goal toward metabolic health is a critical starting point. From there, you can combine general principles of nutrition science (such as how much protein you need) with personalization tactics (such as using a CGM to monitor glucose levels) to build a nutrition plan that makes sense for you.

See the collection of audio clips, podcasts, and articles below to learn more about my nutrition and fasting framework.

The five main tools for managing blood glucose numbers

This clip is from AMA #26: Continuous glucose monitors, zone 2 training, and a framework for interventions, originally released on…

Vitamin D(éjà vu): new study, same old problems

For vitamin D supplementation to have any effect relative to placebo, it needs to be increasing the body’s supply of vitamin D, and if it doesn’t, then the treatment and placebo groups are effectively identical. So did the researchers achieve a difference in vitamin D levels over the course of the study?

#215 – The gut-brain connection | Michael Gershon, M.D.

The reason I call it “The Second Brain” is that, like the brain in the head, the nervous system of the gut is able to function and control reflexes and behavior independently of any influence from the brain or spinal cord.” —Michael Gershon

#212 – The neuroscience of obesity | Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D.

This system works better at protecting against fat loss than it does against fat gain.” —Stephan Guyenet

Sugar & Cancer: Does Fructose Cause Cancer?

This clip is from episode #187 – Sam Apple: The Warburg Effect—Otto Warburg’s cancer metabolism theory, originally released on December…

Is natural sugar from fruit just as ‘bad’ as added sugar?

This video clip is taken from episode #194 – How Fructose Drives Metabolic Disease with Rick Johnson, M.D., originally released on…

#211 – AMA #36: Fruits & vegetables—everything you need to know

There’s also a very significant cultural and social component to this thing as well. So I think that’s where the tribalism comes from around nutrition.” —Peter Attia

Hydration for Athletes: Should you drink sports drinks with glucose?

This video clip is from episode #200 – AMA #33: Hydration—electrolytes, supplements, sports drinks, performance effects, and more, originally released…

Why you should stop drinking sugar

This video clip is taken from  Podcast #194 – How Fructose Drives Metabolic Disease with Rick Johnson, M.D., originally released on…

Why do women have lower alcohol tolerance than men?

 More than a matter of body weight

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