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#293 – AMA #57: High-intensity interval training: benefits, risks, protocols, and impact on longevity

You want to broaden your portfolio of training.” —Peter Attia

#292 ‒ Rucking: benefits, gear, FAQs, and the journey from Special Forces to founding GORUCK | Jason McCarthy

There’s so much benefit that comes from your ability to move yourself and to carry weight, and you are built and born and have evolved in order to do this.” —Jason McCarthy

#291 ‒ The role of testosterone in males and females, performance-enhancing drugs, sustainable fat loss, supplements, and more | Derek, More Plates More Dates Pt.2

These things can all move the needle [on testosterone] like 100+ ng/dL potentially, depending on how deficient you are. So some of these are low hanging fruits with the sleep, micronutrients, minerals, actual macro intake.” —Derek, More Plates More Dates

#290 ‒ Liquid biopsies for early cancer detection, the role of epigenetics in aging, and the future of aging research | Alex Aravanis, M.D., Ph.D.

Age is your single biggest risk factor for cancer. The population over 50 is about a 10x increased risk relative to the population under 50.” —Alex Aravanis

#289 – AMA #56: Cancer screening: pros and cons, screening options, interpreting results, and more

“There has been a pretty clear and consistent benefit [to cancer screening] that has been demonstrated, and the exceptions I think have a pretty clear sense of why.” —Peter Attia

#288 ‒ The impact of gratitude, serving others, embracing mortality, and living intentionally | Walter Green

We are not self-made, everybody really knows that. The question is, are we going to acknowledge those people that help make us while they’re here?” —Walter Green

#287 ‒ Lower back pain: causes, treatment, and prevention of lower back injuries and pain | Stuart McGill, Ph.D.

All I did was learn from the best weightlifters in the world, people who know how to move load, learn what the efficiency was and turn it into a hack to change a person’s life.” —Stuart McGill

#286 ‒ Journal club with Andrew Huberman: the impact of light exposure on mental health and an immunotherapy breakthrough for cancer treatment

People spend 90% of their time indoors now. Their daytime environments are too dim, their nighttime environments are too bright.” —Andrew Huberman

#285 – AMA #55: Exercise: longevity-focused training, goal setting, improving deficiencies, managing emotional stress, and more

“Nothing comes close to having a greater impact on the length and quality of your life than your training. And unfortunately, we can’t put it in a pill. You’ve got to be able to do it. There’s no biohack for it.” —Peter Attia

#284 ‒ Overcoming addictive behaviors, elevating wellbeing, thriving in an era of excess, and the scarcity loop | Michael Easter, M.A.

There is some underlying level of danger. And that, in turn, that uncertainty, forces me into presence and awareness and makes my time consequential. And I think that is life-giving.” —Michael Easter

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